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According to the Department of Energy, electric water heating is the second largest user of energy in homes accounting for 17% to 29% of residential energy consumption. The AQUA SMART retrofits onto existing, 220 VAC electric water heaters and allows the homeowner to remotely control the operation of their water heater with the press of a button on the transmitter. No longer does the homeowner have to go to the water heater, remove the access panels and dial back the on-board thermostats to reduce the temperature of the water to reduce energy consumption.

Installing the receiver on top of the water heater and wiring into the incoming 220 VAC wiring is the first step: After this is done, the wireless transmitter in the home takes over the operation of the water heater in one of 4 MODES: ON-AWAY-VACATION or user can PROGRAM the operation of the water heater, 7 days a week, to various times and temperatures.