ECO-BOND Adhesives was formed out of the need for a REAL, toxic-free, child and pet-safe adhesive and sealants. While building his home, one of the founders of ECO-BOND Adhesives found that his wife was getting sick from the odor emitted by standard adhesives and sealants. Concerned about the long-term effects this may have on his family’s health he searched for a non-toxic, low-odor alternative. While several existed in the market – they were either considerably more expensive, much less effective or the low-odor/low-VOC claims did not hold true.

After much research, he turned to the commercial and industrial world and discovered an adhesive that was widely used in manufacturing and commercial construction. Working with the same basic formulation and technology used in the production of the commercial grade adhesive the ECO-BOND Adhesives’ line of products were developed.


Elements that make ECO-BOND a great green product are:


All ECO-BOND® products are a Hybrid (HEB) Polymer. Their formulas advance beyond competitors by removing all VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) while providing an industry leading 100% isocyanate free product. ECO-BOND® is a solid adhesive that does not off-gas to cure, it pulls in moisture and does not shrink.


HEB Polymer provides some of the highest performing paintable adhesive sealant available for use on today’s newest composite siding and trim materials such as primed fiber cement board and PVC siding and trim. ECO-BOND® will also aggressively bond to steel, aluminum, ceramics, kynar, coated metal, glass, wood, and many plastics. Stronger Bond, Lower Cost, Better Results – that is the ECO-BOND® difference over high-end Polymers and Silicones. ECO-BOND® adhesive & sealants provide superior elongation without breaking its bond and is moisture curing, ensuring unmatched protection against water and the elements. ECO-BOND® HEB Polymer remains flexible and will not shrink, crack or dry out.


ECO-BOND® is frost free. Contractors and DIY’ers that buy inexpensive adhesives cannot use them in frost conditions 90% of solvent-based adhesives cannot even ship during winter conditions. Even for Contractors or DIY’ers that are not looking for a green product ECO-BOND® provides an inexpensive product that has a Service Temperature range of -40º to +200ºF, temporarily resistant to 390ºF.

LEED & NAHB Points:

ECO-BOND® provides the maximum allowable LEED & NAHB points for Contractors bidding on the expanding green projects coming from the residential, commercial, and government stimulus building initiatives. ECO-BOND® is an adhesive and sealant that sets a new standard for green-friendly adhesives and is the only full line of adhesives that meets and exceeds the tough California Proposition 65 standards most states are adopting to qualify for the government stimulus building contracts.



Learn more and view the entire line of products at ECO-BOND.

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