EcoCentric Value.

EcoUrban Collection is a line of environmentally responsible, American-made, Eurostyle cabinetry for kitchen, bath and office. At EcoUrban, their unrivaled price points bring sustainable cabinet systems to the marketplace at prices everyone can afford.

Choose from EcoAire, their best value line utilizing low-VOC processes and domestic, cellulose fiber-based EcoVeneer; or EcoSteel, their premium tier, all stainless steel system featuring their proprietary, weldless assembly.


They start with design

Their products are free of superfluous detail and manufacturing redundancy; they optimize material usage and minimize waste. The resulting aesthetic is clean, modern and beautiful.

Next, comes sourcing

They strive to use the most environmentally friendly, domestically-sourced components for all assemblies. They use only NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) substrate and NAUF glues for their EcoVeneers, with 100% recycled cellulose fibers and water-based phenolic coatings.

Now, the manufacturing

State-of-the-art computerized fabrication and assembly technologies complete their commitment to total sustainability. Advanced hardware and software systems eliminate waste and minimize material consumption.

EcoUrban Steel Series

Stainless Steel, the material of choice in today’s finest kitchens, has now been taken to a new plateau with the introduction of “Pure” – an amalgamation of alloy, accoutrement, and sensibility. The all stainless steel cabinet series utilizes their innovative weldless assembly system.

This revolutionary alternative to traditionally welded constructions results in a truly scalable system. “Pure” is eco-friendly, producing no off-gases or pollutants to assemble, while conserving fuel and energy. Available in a multitude of configurations, “Pure” can be utilized for interior or exterior applications, in any climate condition – plus, there’s a lifetime warranty!


EcoUrban Aire Steel Series

Replicating the look and feel of Pure, EcoUrban Aire Steel Series is their budget conscious alternative for interior applications only. If it’s the look you’re after, Ecourban Aire fits the bill, combining minimalist aesthetics with pragmatic design principles. Like the Ecourban Pure Series, this system features their fully encased stainless steel door and drawer front system over a frameless, melamine interior.

The standard interior color is Fog Gray, and their melamine has no added formaldehyde or PVC. Superior materials, such as their 2 mm ABS edgebanding, and hardware features such as slow close doors and drawers, are standard with all units. Value is the essence of EcoUrban Aire.

EcoUrban Aire Veneer Series

The time to act is now. Saving the planet is no longer a politically correct cause we may choose to consider. Global preservation is an urgent necessity we must all engage in if future generations are not to suffer the effects of careless waste and depleted resources.

At EcoUrban, this philosophy blossoms with EcoUrban aire, a combination of their NAUF cabinet box, and eco-friendly cellulose fiber based composite veneer door and drawer fronts. These engineered veneers are pressed onto a no added formaldehyde core utilizing a formaldehyde free glue web, and are available in 6 selections: Bamboo, Wenge, Zebrawood, Ebonista, Maple, and Cherry. View their Veneer Series sample sheet.

Eco Urban Aire Chroma Series

The color of the object illuminated partakes of the color of that which illuminates it –Leonardo daVinci. Chroma, the newest addition to their family of eco-friendly cabinet systems, celebrates color on more than one level. Similar to their EcoVeneer Series, Chroma utilizes a combination of their NAUF cabinet box, and an eco-friendly fiber based surfacing material to create a complete color palette for door and drawer front applications.

The surfacing material is pressed onto a no added formaldehyde core utilizing a formaldehyde-free glue and is available in 12 colors and 2 sheen selections, gloss or matte. View their Chroma Series sample sheet.

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