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“Grey water” is the term used for the soapy, mostly clean water that comes from your home’s showers, laundry, and hand sinks. It is commonly accepted that grey water makes up approximately 2 out of every 3 gallons of all indoor water. The NEXtreater system captures this water and then produces clean water using an innovative 3-stage hybrid process that combines floatation, filtration and disinfection in an appliance-like package.

Home Drainwater Treatment Device Cleans Soapy Water for Recycling

Have you ever wondered “Why do we pump pure water from distant mountain ranges just so we can flush our toilets or water our lawns?”

It is an obvious question and we can finally give you the obvious answer – We don’t need to do it any longer.

With the NEXtreater, you can clean up drain water from showers, hand sinks, and the washing machine (so-called “grey water”). During treatment, the NEXtreater desoaps, filters, and disinfects the water for reuse.

The NEXtreater is easy to use and maintain and requires no chemicals or additives.

Grey water is often generated by showers and laundry and typically is quite warm. By utilizing this grey water as a heat source, the NEXheater can efficiently concentrate and transfer this heat through a novel heat pump process. This process is efficient enough to provide all of the home’s hot water needs and replaces a traditional water heater.


Reduction in energy used for water heating

A water heater that recycles the energy in drain water to provide water for your home

Water heating is the most energy-intensive step in the entire Water/Energy Nexus – the inter-relationship of water and energy in the process of pumping, transporting, storing, heating and using water.

The NEXheater extracts heat from the NEXcollector then concentrates and transfers it to fresh water inside the NEXheater cylinder. This extremely efficient process uses a heat pump similar to the process in your kitchen refrigerator.

Instead of sending unused heat to the sewer, you will use it again and again and again.

By capturing a home’s grey water and reusing it for landscaping and toilet flushing a home can easily expect to reduce its sewer flow by 70% or more! Those who receive the biggest value from this feature of water recycling are often land developers and municipal utility companies.


Reduction in sewer flow

A productized, pre-assembled greywater collection system optimized for water recycling with the NEXtreater or any other comparable product

Recycle Ready by Nexus eWater completes the dual plumbed home and provides a clear upgrade pathway to on-site water reuse. Recycle Ready meets the standards of many building codes, including those of the state of California.

Visit Nexus eWater to learn more about their innovative products.

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