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Elemental Green’s founder, Sheridan Foster, was in the middle of building a new home and found it frustrating to source sustainable building products and materials. Each design decision became a series of labor-intensive web and catalog searches. Sometimes that meant that the decision was made to a deadline rather than choosing the best green solution! An idea was born to create a resource for homeowners, builders and architects who want to understand sustainable goals and techniques, as well as discover, source and use sustainable products to create an efficient, greener home.

With an ever expanding selection of over 500 products, ideas, inspiration and information on building a dream green home, never has all of this information been pulled together in one beautiful resource for homeowners, builders and architects. Elemental Green’s intention is to make this process one that is enjoyable, easy to understand and sourceable. Meaning, you won’t find products on our site that you can’t buy right now.

There are a million ways to have a greener home, but what’s the right choice? Whether building from scratch or making some minor renovations, Elemental Green is designed to help. On our website, you can browse for the perfect products, get inspired from other people’s projects, and learn why and how sustainable solutions are right for your home.

Sheridan Foster, Founder

Sheridan moved from a career in management and executive positions at large technology companies — Sony, Microsoft, IBM Research, and others, to found Elemental Green. This migration saw her pivoting from hardware and software engineering to actual hardware! Sheridan’s goal is to provide a service to educate the consumer on how and why green building is a necessity rather than a luxury, and to address the real need to link homeowners with the best products and services to build healthier and more sustainably. LinkedIn

Janelle Sorensen, Content

Janelle is a seasoned content marketing & communications ninja, brand strategist, digital marketer, writer, and social good junkie with a primary focus on lifestyles of health and sustainability (LOHAS). For over 16 years, she has been working with groups across the country ranging from school districts and government offices to progressive brands like The Honest Company and nonprofit organizations like Healthy Child Healthy World. She is also the founder of gro gud, a communications agency helping do-gooders do better. LinkedIn

Elise Jones, Communications

Elise has over 16 years of communications experience working with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and startups such as NBC Universal, Mommybites and Gobee Group. She specializes in branding, content creation, influencer engagement as well as digital, social media and reputation management with an emphasis on working with companies that focus on environmental change. Elemental Green represents a perfect match of Elise’s passion for green living and experience in interior design. Her motto is “Leave the world a better place than you found it.” LinkedIn

Mark Mayes, Web

Mark is a clever mix of technology leader and artist. For Elemental Green, he has used both his left brain and right brain to bring resources together to create a beautifully, functional discovery experience. Mark has led engineering teams large and small over his many years of executive leadership with companies such as Microsoft, Harman International, Silicon Graphics and HP.  He gives back by using his gift for mentoring as a life and career coach to busy professionals. LInkedIn

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