Eco-green wind energy solutions

XZERES Wind designs, manufactures, and distributes high quality distributed small wind turbines (2.4kW10kW). Their grid connected and off grid wind turbine systems, which consist of 2.4kW and 10kW devices and related equipment, are used for electrical power generation in residential, rural, agricultural, small business, and private areas.

XZERES wind turbine systems are focused on distributed energy, where a specific machine’s energy output is largely or entirely used on-site where the equipment is installed, as well as grid connected applications. While many people take advantage of their local net-metering rules within the United States and Feed In Tariffs that are often available in Europe and Internationally (to sell power back to the grid), XZERES wind power systems are not dependent on transmission needs to carry the energy produced to another location.


Wind energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions. According to the American Wind Energy Association, on average, each MWh of electricity generated in the U.S. results in the emission of 1,341 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), 7.5 pounds of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and 3.55 pounds of nitrogen oxides (NOx). Thus the 10 million MWh of electricity generated annually by U.S. wind farms represents about 6.7 million tons in avoided CO2 emissions, 37,500 tons of SO2 and 17,750 tons of NOx.


XZERES customers view the internal rate of return (IRR) of their wind energy investment to be a superior method of assessing its value to its payback period. IRR, not payback period, is the best way to assess the profitability of all types of financial investments (IRAs, stocks, etc.), including wind turbine systems as investments.

XZERES wind energy systems lock in cost of energy for over the 20 year life of the turbine which can reduce cost/kWh to just pennies.

Diverse applications

Their systems are performance based, designed to produce energy consistently and quietly, even in the most demanding locations serving a broad range of applications for both on and off-grid requirements. These include, but are not limited to, telecommunication tower applications in remote areas, residential, commercial, community power, island electrification, hybrid and specialty applications. XZERES Wind provides wind energy solutions to meet the needs of homeowners, businesses, public facilities, and institutions worldwide.

Turbine features

  • Exterior steel surfaces protected with high durability three layer coatings
  • Stainless Steel fasteners throughout
  • Gasketed electrical enclosures
  • Marine grade protective coatings on alternator magnets, windings, and lamination stacks