Want to save big on your energy bills (and reduce your impact on the environment)? Start taking steps to create a zero energy home (aka net zero home). A zero energy home means the total amount of energy used annually is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site.

Vivint, a smart home technology leader, has created an interactive infographic highlighting 10 steps toward a zero energy home – and the savings are incredible:

  • Correctly installed insulation can reduce energy use up to 50%
  • Planting deciduous species on the south and west sides of your home can lead to cooling savings up to 20 percent and heating savings between eight and 18 percent.
  • Smart thermostats can save up to 30 percent more energy by simply identifying patterns within the home and shutting off heating, ventilation, and cooling systems when the house is empty or residents are asleep.


Click through to learn the 7 other steps and to interact with the infographic on Vivint’s website.