Caulks & Adhesives

Chemlink Green Sealants & Adhesives

Founded in 1990, ChemLink has focused its energy on meeting the most pressing needs of contractors, consumers, and industries throughout North America. All ChemLink products are formulated and engineered for performance and safety - their products are non-toxic and...

ECO-BOND Non-Toxic Adhesives, Caulks and Sealants

ECO-BOND Adhesives was formed out of the need for a REAL, toxic-free, child and pet-safe adhesive and sealants. While building his home, one of the founders of ECO-BOND Adhesives found that his wife was getting sick from the odor emitted by standard...

AFM Safecoat Multi-Purpose Caulking

Safecoat Multi-Purpose Caulk is an environmentally safe, non-toxic, high-performance, quick curing caulking compound for use in a wide variety of applications. It does not off-gas and has almost no odor (and none after cure), so is safe for use in enclosed or poorly...

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