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Comparing Different Types of Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

There are numerous ways to conserve energy at home, with one of the easiest changes being lighting. Lighting is said to be the fourth largest energy consumer in residential homes, contributing to about 10-20% of your overall energy bill, so a simple change to energy-efficient bulbs can go a long way in reducing your household eco-footprint and saving you money.


Elemental Green’s Net Zero Hero Hall of Fame

At Elemental Green, our mission is to accelerate the adoption of green home building and renovation – sustainable homes should be the status quo! And, quite frankly, they need to be. We desperately need to protect our environment. Right now, we believe the drive...

6 Top Renovations to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

by Nikki Fotheringham, author specializing in environmentally-friendly building technologies, renewable energy and all things green Not everyone thinks to remodel their home for efficiency purposes, as well as aesthetics. However, there are several ways your...


EcoSolarCool Refrigerators, Freezers & Air Conditioners

EcoSolarCool® is a US brand that manufactures highly efficient solar refrigerator, solar freezer & solar air conditioning products for residential and commercial customers worldwide. Did you know that air conditioning and refrigerators are the most...

ECO-BOND Non-Toxic Adhesives, Caulks and Sealants

ECO-BOND Adhesives was formed out of the need for a REAL, toxic-free, child and pet-safe adhesive and sealants. While building his home, one of the founders of ECO-BOND Adhesives found that his wife was getting sick from the odor emitted by standard adhesives and...

UltraTouch™ Recycled Denim Insulation

UltraTouch is made from high-quality natural fibers. These fibers contain inherent qualities that provide for extremely effective sound absorption and maximum thermal performance.

Duravit Sustainable Bathroom Fixtures & Furniture

Duravit does everything possible to protect natural elements like water, air and soil – a process that starts with resource-saving manufacturing methods, which employ technologies such as water treatment and heat recovery.

Flotender Greywater Irrigation Systems

Flotender is a division of Filtrific®, a company that has been manufacturing high-quality water feature products for ten years. Filtrific’s water feature line was originally designed not only for water features, but also with the forethought of reducing residential...

Anapode Plug-And-Play Solar Kits

Solar solutions for all The founders of Anapode Solar founded the company because they believe that solar is the only real way individuals can take control of their own energy. After all, the sun shines on everyone! They realized that nobody was providing a serious...


How to Make Your Home Net Positive on a Budget

John Livermore remodeled his home to make it produce more energy than it used. In addition to the dramatic energy savings, he zeroed out his home’s carbon footprint, stopped paying energy bills, increased comfort, improved his family’s health, and became the first renovated home in Massachusetts to produce more energy than it uses. Best of all – you can do it, too!

What Makes Windows and Doors Energy Efficient?

What makes it ENERGY STAR? ENERGY STAR qualified, windows, doors, and skylights: Are manufactured by an ENERGY STAR partner, Are independently tested, certified, and verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and Have NFRC ratings that meet strict...

What is a High Performance Home?

The construction industry has been cautious about change. Rules of thumb and decades-old conventional wisdom tend to rule the day. This innate conservatism makes sense given the high stakes of construction. Buildings are a big investment with big health and safety implications. Why risk something new when we can just follow the well-worn path, the tried and true?

Over 90 Net-Zero-Energy Home Building Resources

How do people interested in building a zero-energy home get started? The process usually begins with a lot of online research. Here are some of the top websites and online resources for homeowners and building professionals.

Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds

Ever wondered if the heating or air conditioning in your house is really necessary? Passive House (aka Passive Haus) is a design approach to building that reduces the energy required drastically – sometimes up to 80-90%. In 90 seconds, this video explains how...

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