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Elemental Green is a digital media company with a mission to make green home building, design, and renovation the status quo. There’s every reason to make environmentally friendly homes the norm. (Did you know buildings account for 40% of electricity use and produce 30% of CO2 emissions in the US?) Plus, green building is exploding! New building products, furnishings, and technologies are entering the market all the time, and they are more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Whether you’re building from scratch, decorating, or doing some minor renovations, we’re here to help. Browse for the perfect products for you, get inspired from other people’s projects, and learn why and how sustainable solutions are best for your home and your health. Whatever you’re searching for, spend some time looking around the site. We can almost guarantee you’ll find something you never knew existed for your dream green home!

Here’s what you’ll find on Elemental Green:

Diverse Inspiration

Green homes come in all shapes and sizes and we show them off in all of their green glory—LEED homes, passive homes, net-zero homes, Living Building Challenge homes, tiny homes, prefabs, shipping container homes, eco-apartments, lofts, condos, and more!

Innovative Products

The market for green building and renovation design concepts, materials, and furnishings is exploding, but new innovations often go relatively unnoticed by those who can most benefit. That ends here. We intend on making this your one-stop shop for exploring possibilities and finding everything you need.

Understandable Information

Going green is a journey and a constant learning curve. We know from experience that sometimes the information is overwhelming and other times it’s so wonky it’ll put you right to sleep. Our goal is to translate, educate, and hopefully even delight.

One more thing—this site isn’t just about us “talking” and you “listening.” We want to hear from you. Please share your projects, experiences, favorite products, and related expertise for others to learn from and be inspired by. First, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest (of course). Then click here to learn how to share your ideas, projects, and dreams of greener living.

Our Leadership Team

Sheridan Foster, Founder

Sheridan Foster founded Elemental Green to encourage the adoption of sustainable, green building materials in homes. Her career spanned computer designer to tech executive at companies like Sony, Microsoft, IBM Research, and Gibson Audio. After her own journey wading through the inaccessible and highly fragmented process of sourcing green building materials and products for her own family home, in 2016, Sheridan formed a team to demystify and document the best of sustainable building and design.

Since then, Elemental Green has grown to become a leading green building media entity and resource, connecting needed information and products and services to homeowners, buyers and renters—as well as the building professionals who serve them. Elemental Green has everything you need to get inspired by design, and to find the perfect products for healthier and more sustainable homes.

Sheridan brought her talents to the Advisory Board of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at her alma mater, the University of Wisconsin—Madison. In addition to Sheridan’s passion for advocating for sustainable architecture and design, she is a prolific patron of the arts and has served on the boards of iSing Girlchoir and the VOCES8 Foundation. LinkedIn

Paula Gould, Partnerships Lead

Paula Gould is founder of Float and gather, a go-to-market and growth strategy consultancy, focused on helping brilliant B2B and B2C companies from North America and Europe scale and reach new markets. Her roster of clients includes technologies and services intent on increasing sustainability and waste reduction in their industries. Paula is also co-founder of WomenTechIceland, which amplifies the innovations of women from within the Icelandic Tech ecosystem to the global tech community.

Paula previously held executive and board roles at companies acquired by NetApp, Jive Software, and others. She served as Vice Chair of the Board at the Fulbright Commission in Iceland and Principal at Frumtak Ventures, an Iceland-based VC firm, where she advised on portfolio-wide marketing and visibility initiatives. LinkedIn

Lois I. Hutchinson, Editor

Lois I. Hutchinson is an experienced freelance writer and consultant, specializing in architectural lighting and broad sustainability issues. Through Inverse Square, she has worked with media companies, nonprofits, and design and manufacturing firms to build their reputations and communities with targeted, trusted content. Her favorite role is connecting with professionals who are excited about their work in design and sustainability, and then bringing their passions to a wider audience.

Lois gives back by volunteering with Los Angeles social justice causes and by leading diversity initiatives in her industry. LinkedIn

Jesse Bratter, Contributing Editor

Jesse Bratter is a South Florida–based writer specializing in design and lifestyle content. Her articles have appeared in Architectural Digest, Clever, Domino, Wall Street Journal, 1stdibs, Modern Luxury, Hospitality Design, Art Basel Magazine, Design Milk, Apartment Therapy, Kitchn, Rose & Ivy Journal, and Elegant Homes. She’s created content for several brands spanning design, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Jesse was recently named Editor in Chief for Modern Luxury Interiors, South Florida.

Jesse is also a prolific stylist with a focus on interiors. You might have seen her work in Better Homes & Gardens, Country French, Mediterranean Homes & Lifestyles, and Kitchn. Her clients include luxury destinations and designers such as Knowles Design, Caroline Rafferty & The Grand Tour, Marlaina Teich, and FDG Design Group. She credits the creatives who inspire her daily to uncover the story behind a person, place, or product and share that story in the brand experience. LinkedIn

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