Maintenance-Free Security and Beauty

Fiberglass is energy efficient – New Energy Rating (ER) numbers, developed by Natural Resource Canada and the window industry, show that fiberglass frames have the highest energy efficiency of any frame material, performing better than PVC, aluminum, and metal-clad wood frames.


quality materials, quality installation

Pultruded fiberglass is a component of all Accurate Dorwin door frame systems. It is a superior material that ensures the door frames are strong, durable, energy efficient, and seamlessly complement to your home.

Accurate Dorwin’s installation service ensures your doors are properly installed and ready to be part of your home for years.

Standard features of all Accurate Dorwin doors:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Pultruded fiberglass frames guaranteed not to warp, rot, twist, bow, or dent
  • Full perimeter weather stripping
  • Designed for added security; more resistant to forced entry than PVC or wood
  • Injection (molded nylon corners ensure the door remains true)
  • Wood block sill wrapped in aluminum with a frost break for swinging doors
  • Quality installation, superior materials and selection

Fiberglass patio doors

  • Open your home to the outdoors!
  • Fiberglass patio doors come in sections of 2, 3, or 4 up to 8 feet tall
  • Fiberglass frame allows for larger glass loads and better views

Designer arch doors

  • Designer arch door slabs come in a variety of wood grains, smooth painted finishes, or custom paint finishes
  • Doors do not rot, dent, or collect dust
  • Sound-proofed to keep out noise

Garden doors

  • Garden doors are actually two doors – one walk-through and one vented and screened for airflow
  • Adjustable sweep improves seal between door and frame, preventing interior frost

Terrace doors

  • One fixed panel, one walk-through panel
  • Heavy duty, non-glare mesh sliding screen to maximize venting and airflow

Accurate dorwin windows: Beautiful. Durable. Energy Efficient.

Pultruded fiberglass is structurally stronger than both wood and PVC. Fiberglass profiles are carefully engineered so the fiber strands create some of the strongest window framing material on the market. The incredible strength results in lower profile frames, which means more glass surface and a spectacular view.

Superior durability means fiberglass windows will not bend, bow, rot, or twist when exposed to extreme heat or cold. Unlike aluminum, fiberglass is also resistant to corrosion, pitting, and denting.

Because of their highest ER ratings and lowest U-values, Accurate Dorwin fiberglass windows are one of the top choices of green building professionals.

Standard features of windows:

  • Low VOC sealants (EPA complaint), whenever possible
  • Baked on or electrically applied advanced polyurethane paint and finish
  • No premature fading like vinyl, chipping or rotting like wood, or denting like aluminum
  • Impervious to water, UV rays, and temperature extremes