Biome is a California based landscaping technology company on a mission to reconnect the world to the amazing benefits of nature. Their beautiful biophilic systems provide NASA-inspired air purification, real-time environmental data, and the joy of fully automated nature. Plus, their AirIQ system allows you to easily measure what’s in your indoor air.

NASA developed air purification

Biome absorbs your indoor air pollution and naturally eliminates it. Say goodbye to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) created from cooking, cleaning products, and everyday products like carpeting and technology products.

Indoor air quality monitoring system

Biome has air sensors and WIFI to help you learn about and track your indoor air quality.

Hang nature like art

Taiga is an all-inclusive system that goes where nature traditionally hasn’t. Out of your way, and in your line of sight.

Use AIRIQ to understand exactly what you’re dealing with inside your home.

Learn more at Biome.

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