Biome is a California based landscaping technology company on a mission to reconnect the world to the amazing benefits of nature. Their beautiful biophilic systems provide air purification, real-time environmental data, and the joy of nature indoors. The combination of technology and nature means low maintenance and great performance.

NASA-inspired purification

Biome absorbs indoor air pollution and eliminates it naturally.

NASA research has shown that plants, and particularly their roots, can be used to improve air quality. Not only do they decrease CO2 and increase O2, they also filter out Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) created from cooking, cleaning products, and everyday products like carpeting and technology products.

The Biome Taiga uses no soil, so you maximize the effectiveness of the filtration. It requires no plumbing and is easy to maintain.

Indoor air quality monitoring system

Taiga contains air sensors which monitor your air quality so you can identify pollutants and track results.

Watch it working with an online dashboard.

Hang nature like art

Taiga is an all-inclusive system that goes where nature traditionally hasn’t. Out of your way, and in your line of sight.

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