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By Jesse Bratter, Content Director, Elemental Green

Handcrafted. Eco-friendly. Non-toxic. These are just a few of the tenets with which Brentwood Home approaches their collection of mattresses, bedding, pet beds, kids furniture, and yoga pillows that play an important role in keeping you, your home and the planet as healthy as possible. Designed and crafted by makers in Los Angeles using a combination of non-toxic, natural and organic materials, each product promotes healthy sleep and lifestyles that live up to Brentwood Home’s’s comprehensive environmental ethos. They have a host of trusted certifications to ensure their sustainability, and they’re proud to be Climate Neutral Certified and a carbon negative company. Their direct-to-consumer model means affordable pricing, but their thoughtful approach to manufacturing, 30-year history of artisanal craftsmanship (think hand-tufted wool rosettes and quilted Euro-tops), and commitment to health, wellness and the environment are priceless.

Brentwood Home’s sustainability team has developed a wide network of women’s shelters, rehabilitation centers, refugee centers, and centers for persons with disabilities, donating beds for persons in need. They are proud of their relationship with Family Promise, which serves unhoused persons via afilliates in 43 states.

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For A Non-Toxic Night’s Sleep

Closeup of nontoxic kids mattress showing Brentwood Home logo in detailed stitching
small balck and white dog sleeps on Brentwood Home Oceano Mattress; rumpled sheet and pillow visible - photo

We spend about one-third of our lives in dreamland. And during that time, we’re shedding skin, sweating throughout the night, and breathing in the materials of our mattress. So while comfort should be at top of mind when shopping for one, so should its composition. Luckily, Brentwood Home has you covered. With their range of eco-friendly, non-toxic mattresses—Brentwood Hybrid Latex, Cypress Affordable Memory Foam, Crystal Cove Flippable, Oceano Luxury Hybrid, and Juniper (for kids)—you’ll get some shut-eye that you can feel good about. So good, that Brentwood Home offers a 1-year sleep trial and 25-year limited warranty on each mattress. 

Why We Love Them:

Here’s some of the goodness you’ll find in your Brentwood Home mattress: GOTS Organic Certified wool that wicks away moisture to keep you cool; GOLS organic certified latex; soft and airy Tencel, which is plant-based and therefore biodegradable; and recycled-steel in coils. Look for GOTS certified organic cotton in cozy sheets and mattress covers. But what you won’t find are toxic materials like VOCs, flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde and phthalates (yeah…those things are usually in bed with you). That’s because most of Brentwood Home’s mattresses go through rigorous testing for more than 300 harmful chemicals and pollutants, earning them a GREENGUARD Gold certification by UL Environment.

Finally, the Brentwood Home brand is Climate Neutral Certified, which means they have measured and compensated for all cradle-to-customer emissions. They pride themselves as being an activist company, focusing on sustainability and social responsibility. For 2022, they funded verified carbon offset projects, like forest conservation and clean energy, through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

Editor’s Pick: 

Brentwood Home’s Hybrid Latex Mattress offers zoned support and ultra comfort. Its alternative, recycled, breathable materials include recycled cotton denim and Repreve, a soft recycled polyester made from plastic bottles (up to 57 in each mattress) to cut down on waste streams and help prevent discarded plastics from entering our oceans and waterways.

  • Medium Feel, rated 5 on a firmness scale of 1-10.
  • Certified by eco-INSTITUT® – Latex; FSC certified – Latex; GOLS certified organic – Latex; GREENGUARD Gold – Mattress; STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® – Latex, Wool; Rainforest Alliance – Latex; GOTS certified – Cotton and Hemp.
  • Made from VOC-free, thermoregulating upcycled denim and GOTS certified organic hemp; GOLS certified Dunlop latex sourced from rubber trees; GOTS certified organic wool; REPREVE fabric; GOTS certified organic cotton; upcycled steel coils.
  • Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split King.
  • Priced from $1,149–$2,398.
  • Free standard shipping with optional white glove delivery.

Brentwood Home Play Couch Sofa and Eco Play Chair

For creative kids of all ages

Brentwood Home Play Counch Sofa Greenguard Gold Certified
Brentwood Home Play Couch Sofa for Kids
Squat play chair in eco-friendly green fabric; small pillow and stuffed toys on seat - photo
Brentwood Home Play Couch Sofa had certified recycled content
Brentwood Home play couch and play mat certified recycled
Brentwood Home Play Couch Sofa for Kids Formaldehyde Free

This six-piece play couch brings infinite possibilities to your child’s bedroom or playroom. It a couch. It’s a chair. It’s a castle. It’s a lounger–nap cot–book nook. Babies and toddlers will love exploring as an activity mat, and older kids can spend hours setting up and reconfiguring the soft cushions. The colors are so fun and vibrant, we’d love to see you combine play couches. Let your imagination go! (We see you, parents.)

The Eco Play Kids Chair adds a comfortable lounger to play areas. It’s got a side pocket for storage of lovies or a favorite book, and then it folds out into a bed for naptime or sleepovers. Use it alone as a supportive chair for reading, playing, and watching movies. Or pair it with the Play Couch Sofa for infinite fun!

Why we love them:

It’s the only GREENGUARD Gold certified, Formaldehyde Free validated play couch we’ve seen. And the inclusion of up to 20% BioFoam is an improvement in sustainability. BioFoam is a sustainable, plant-based foam that has received multiple sustainability awards and Cradle to Cradle certification. The fabric covers use the REPREVE fiber made with recycled plastic bottles; they’re highly durable and soft to the touch. For spills that don’t immediately wipe up, just unzip the cover and pop it in the washer.

Two young boy unpakcing chess set - seated on low nontoxic play chairs from Brentwood Home - photo
  • GREENGUARD Gold and Climate Neutral certified.
  • Formaldehyde Free validated.
  • 1-year limited warranty. 30-day trial.
  • Ships compressed in recycled-cardboard box.
  • Up to 20% BioFoam.
  • Certified recycled content (Global Recycled Standard, GRS).
  • Sale! Eco Play Kids Chair priced at $242; Play Couch Sofa for Kids is $314.

Brentwood Home Luxury Dog Beds

A comfy spot for our furry friends

Supportive, Durable and Waterproof Dog Bed from Brentwood Home
Brenwood Home pet beds provide a comfy spot
Durable, non-toxic, machine-washable dog bed from Brentwood Home
Brentwood Home pet beds feature Quilted covers in attractive neutral colors
Nontoxic, waterproof liner for Brentwood Home pet beds
Cats, too, love to snuggle in Brentwood Home's Runyon Orthopedic pet bed

Whether your four-legged family member is a Shih Tzu or a St. Bernard, they deserve to rest on a comfortable, healthy bed. The Griffith and Runyon pet beds supply two layers of the same BioFoam used in Brentwood Home’s fine, handcrafted mattresses. Your pet will settle into the top memory-foam layer, while the orthopedic support base cradles tired muscles or sore joints.

The premium Runyon Orthopedic Dog Bed and the Griffith Pet Bed are tough enough to stand up to years of quiet naps, scratching, and rowdy play. For spills and accidents, just zip off the cover and throw it in the washer. A quick wipe cleans the nontoxic, waterproof liner, which protects the padding inside. Quilted covers in attractive neutral colors are only topped by the non-skid fabric bottom. (So you won’t find your pet and their bed skootched halfway into the hall.)

Why we love them:

Few dog beds on the market are tested and certified GREENGUARD Gold for toxicity and low emissions. That means you’re not exposing your pet or bringing VOCs, formaldehyde, and phthalates into your home.

Editor’s Picks:

The stylish Runyon Orthopedic Pet Bed with its sturdy back bolster gives pets of all ages the coziness and support they need. Cats, too, love to snuggle into the corners and may (or may not) want to share.

  • GREENGUARD Gold and Climate Neutral certified.
  • 3-year limited warranty. 30-day risk-free trial.
  • Four sizes: Pug to Labrador.
  • Waterproof liner uses food-grade polyolefin coating.
  • Replaceable covers!
  • Priced from $119
Therapeutic and calming, pet beds from Brentwood Home


For An Even Healthier Practice

Eco-friendly square meditation pillow for. yoga

Through breathwork, meditation, and strategic body poses, the practice of yoga improves our physical and mental health—strengthening our muscles, increasing flexibility, releasing tension, and clearing our minds. So when choosing your yoga accessories, it’s best to reach for products that have benefits for your health and wellness too. Brentwood Home’s yoga pillows will give you just that. The Crystal Cove Yoga Collection includes the Oval Meditation Cushion, Square Meditation Cushion, Yoga Bolster Cushion, Pranayama Yoga Cushion, and Kids Meditation Cushion—all created to help you relax, stretch and breathe your way to a healthier you.  

Why We Love Them:

Brentwood Home’s Crystal Cove Collection is 100% certified vegan by Vegan Action. So you can enhance the comfort of your meditation while knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of your pillow.

Editor’s Picks:

Los Angeles yoga instructor Angela Kukhahn designed the Oval Meditation Yoga Cusion for Brentwood Home to add just the right amount of height and support to your meditation practice, aligning your spine and extending your range of comfort. Elemental Green Publisher and Founder Sheridan Foster tried the pillow for herself and found it to be so comfortable that she even uses it when she’s sitting on her sofa watching television. Kukhahn looked to the surf and tide pools of Crystal Cove State Park in California when dreaming up the pillow’s wavy pattern.

Have you ever been in child’s pose and been hit with the smell of artificial rubber and sweat? How about an all natural yoga mat that is machine washable! The Organic Non-Slip Yoga Mats are made with organic cotton and natural latex for an absorbent surface and non-slip base. Our reviewer tried out a mat provided by Brentwood Home and said it is her new favorite. Did we mention that it looks beautiful too and comes in an array of calming colors.

  • Yoga Mat Materials: 100% GOTS organic certified cotton, 100% GOTS and FSC®-certified natural Dunlop latex.
  • Free from polyurethane foam, PVC, PER, TPE, EVA, synthetic rubbers, and adhesives
  • 100% Certified Vegan by Vegan Action
  • A substantial 71” x 24”
  • Priced at $159.00
  • Ships in 2 business days
  • Free Returns within 30 days, 1 year limited warranty

Brentwood Home REPREVE Bean Bag

For growing kids and teens

Brentwood Home Climate Neutral certified bean bag lounger for kids
Brentwood Home REPREVE bean bag lounger: earth friendly and fun

The seventies were groovy, but slidey, exploding beanbag chairs were not! Brentwood Home fills its REPREVE Bean Bags with upcycled foam and recycled polyester gel fiber to contour, then hold position. The design is lightweight but tough enough to stand up to rough play, and the handle lets you tote your bean bag from room to room. For easy cleaning, these colorful covers zip off and machine wash, while the inner liner holds the fill.

Why We Love Them:

Two sizes, teens and kids, meet the needs of growing bodies. The kids size contain a mix of certified foam that meets standards for VOCs, phthalates, and flame retardants plus recycled polyester gel fiber. The larger size contains 100% certified-recycled polyester fiber. Soft, durable covers are made from polyester, nylon, and innovative REPREVE fiber (29%) which comes from recycled plastic bottles. This eco-friendly fabric uses less water and energy than new materials, and produces fewer greenhouse gases.

Editor’s Pick:

The larger, teen-size bean bag comes with a matching pillow that uses the same recycled polyester fiber. This fiber fill keeps the design lightweight and portable. Soft comfort plus neck and back support last through marathon gaming and streaming sessions. And yes, the Brentwood Home brand is certified Climate Neutral.

Brentwood Home beanbag lounger is tough enough to tote
  • Climate Neutral certified.
  • <22 lbs.
  • Colors suited to kids’ rooms and shared spaces.
  • Certified recycled fiber fill (Global Recycled Standard, GRS).
  • Cover includes recycled-content fiber, too.
  • Teen lounger (includes pillow) priced at $249.

Brentwood Home Adjustable Bases

For the total wellness sleep experience

African American man with long locks and African AMerican woman with long curlswoman lie on gray adjustable mattress on adjustable base with dark wood frame; they are looking at remote control held in woman's hand.

An adjustable base can provide loads of benefits in our search for a good night’s sleep. Chief among them: increased comfort by fully customizing your sleeping position, pain relief by taking pressure off painful joints and pinched nerves, and combating snoring. A better night’s rest has the knock-on effect of reducing discomfort and uplifting spirits all day. Brentwood Home’s Adjustable Bases ease you into your perfect position, for resting or the “total wellness sleep experience.” The remote control, with handy flashlight, has presets like anti-snore and zero-g, which raises the head and legs for a variety of health benefits.

Why We Love Them:

The Brentwood Home brand is certified Climate Neutral, measuring and offsetting the Easy Adjustable Bed Frame’s carbon footprint across the materials, manufacturing, and distribution chains. Little things bring us the most peace of mind: the flashlight in the remote control, an LED light underneath the bed for safety, and six adjustable legs both for stability and to protect the life of your mattress(es). Yes, the split king bases accommodate two twin-XL mattresses. So you’re sleeping partner can dial-in their favorite position independent of yours—with plenty of room for both. The two sides can synchronize for a king-size mattress, if that’s your preference.

Editor’s Pick:

Float away with the upper- and lower-body massage functions included with the Pro Adjustable Base; it has variable settings from de-stress to vigorous.

  • Adjustable steel frame, Climate Neutral certified.
  • 20-year limited warranty.
  • Adjustable legs customize height: 9 and 14 inches of clearance.
  • Tool-free assembly
  • Twin XL, full, queen, king, split king, and California split king sizes available
  • Priced from $1,250
Adjustable bed mase with gray fabric and black metal stands on beige carpet in airy room


For Your Whole Family’s Needs

Woman tends to baby on nontoxic crib mattress in white crib in light-filled room; baby looks at camera - photo
Light wood bedstead sits on beige carpet; mattress and nontoxic mattress topper shown - photo
Brentwood Home Linen Throw Blankets certified climate neutral

Brentwood Home also offers a full range of MADE SAFE certified organic sheets; non-toxic mattress toppers (GREENGUARD Gold Certified); eco-friendly pillows with charcoal-infused and gel memory foam or gel fiberfill; and a non-toxic babies and kids collection—because we aren’t the only ones who deserve good health.  

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