Eco Myth Busting: Do Low Flow Shower Heads = Low Water Pressure?

Eco Myth Busting: Do Low Flow Shower Heads = Low Water Pressure?

by Ant Langston of greener ideal

When we talk about eco-friendly showers, many people have the idea that they’re expensive to install or that they’re not attractive. Both of these assumptions could not be further from the truth.

There are various options for altering your existing shower set-up to make it not only more ecologically friendly but also more impressive to use. If you’re wondering how a shower can be impressive, then you probably need to try out one of the latest eco-friendly showers and shower heads.

You don’t have to sacrifice power

Most people like a powerful shower. The pressure increases the wake-up factor, doesn’t it? There’s nothing more disheartening first thing in the morning than a weak trickle of water disguised as an invigorating shower.

The latest eco-models are easy to install and rather than simply slow down and reduce the amount of water your shower puts out, they change its force with the addition of air.

The EcoCamel shower head, for example, injects air directly into the water stream which gives the impression of immense water pressure while in fact the water usage is reduced to only 8 litres per minute.

We all like a shower with some power behind it, and adding air to the water seems to offer the ideal solution; there’s pressure but less water usage all round.

Air showers aren’t the only way that ecological thinking is affecting our showering habits, though. Some eco showers have an in-built “pulse” mechanism to save on water. The pulse mechanism works by interrupting the water flow very briefly many times per second. This is such a fast pulse that it’s not at all noticeable by those using the shower and in fact, many people report that the shower feels even more powerful than a traditional flow.

Myth busted!

Eager to learn more about saving water when you shower? Click through to read the rest of this article.




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