Eco-Roofs is a grower and supplier of pre-grown green roof trays, pre-vegetated Sedum mats, plants, plugs, cuttings and all of your other green roof supplies. With 50 years of horticulture growing experience, Eco-Roofs is uniquely positioned to be your source for green roof knowledge and experience as well as growing and providing the green roof materials you need.

Eco-Roofs is located in Southwest Michigan, centrally positioned and conveniently located near the major highways to service all of the USA and Canadian green roof markets. They grew up with the modern green roof movement as it got its North American start in the Chicago area which remains a leader in green roofs. From the Chicagoland area they expanded throughout the Midwest and beyond providing green roofs from Coast to Coast in both the United States and Canada. Eco-Roofs products have been installed on green roofs in Toronto, Ontario; New York City; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Washington, DC; San Diego, California; Seattle, Washington; Vancouver, British Columbia; and many other metropolitan and smaller towns throughout these states as well as Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, and more.

They work closely with landscape contractors, roofing contractors and architects to supply green roof products appropriate for each application.

Eco-Roofs’ parent company is Twixwood Nursery with over 40 years of horticulture experience. They came into the green roof business by supplying plants for many of the earliest green roofs. With the Nursery experience and backing they have the ability as well as the knowledge to grown and provide most any plant for your green roof, however they have found a standard mix that will provide you with the best long term survivability through both harsh winters and dry summers with very little maintenance while also providing a pleasing variety of plant textures, heights and foliage and flower colors.

They have about a dozen varieties that they suggest and they recommend choosing at least 6-8 of them to allow for micro-climate variations on your roof. They recommend the use of a 2-3” plug placed a maximum of 6” on center. Other options can work with the proper training and application including the use of cuttings, larger spacings, etc. Proper maintenance following the installation is the most critical and will include regular watering, weeding, possibly fertilizing and wind/erosion protection. More information specific to your application can be provided if needed.

Recommended Varieties:

  • Sedum acre
  • Sedum album
  • Sedum album ‘Coral Carpet’
  • Sedum floriferum ‘Bailey’s Gold’ (a.k.a. ‘Weihenstephaner Gold’)
  • Sedum kamtschaticum
  • Sedum k. ellacombianum
  • Sedum kamtschaticum ‘Variegatum’
  • Sedum reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’
  • Sedum rupestre ‘Angelina’
  • Sedum sexangulare
  • Sedum spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’
  • Sedum spurium ‘John Creech’

Sedum triptych 4

Eco-Roofs is dedicated to providing fast turn-around for green roof quotes, and to providing clear technical information about their systems to help you in your bid process.

Eco-Roofs, LLC is located on the grounds of Twixwood Nursery, a family owned groundcover and perennial nursery with 45 years of horticulture growing experience and one of the top 100 growers in the country. Twixwood management started Eco-Roofs to specialize in the needs of the green roof industry. With their horticulture background, they bring you all the plant knowledge and experience you need for your green roof.


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