Thank you for your interest in submitting a project, product, or article to Elemental Green! Please read through our editorial policy to ensure your submission adheres to our guidelines and email if you have any questions.

Focus and Scope

The purpose of Elemental Green is to be the premier online destination for everything related to green home building and renovation. We want to inspire green dreaming, demystify the process of making those dreams come true, and create an experience of discovery – helping people find sustainable solutions they may have never known existed. Currently, we are looking for the following types of content:

  • Diverse & Inspiring Projects: Green homes come in all shapes and sizes and we show them off in all of their green glory — LEED homes, passive homes, net zero homes, Living Building Challenge homes, tiny homes, prefabs, shipping container homes, eco-apartments, lofts, condos and more! Share your projects, big and small, indoors and out, to help inspire others.
  • Innovative Products: We intend on making this the one-stop shop for everything a homeowner needs for green building and renovation. And we intend on being a trusted resource, so greenwashing has no place on our site. At this time, we are prioritizing on products which can be deployed now, so please avoid “Coming Soon” technologies.
  • Understandable & Informative Articles: Going green is a journey and a constant learning curve. We know from experience that sometimes the information is overwhelming and other times it’s so wonky it’ll put you to sleep. Our goal is to translate, demystify, and hopefully even delight. That said, we ask that:
    • Articles are credible/authoritative, but also conversational in tone.
    • Claims and statistics are referenced.
    • Copy (and linking) is not overly self-promotional.
    • Any links go to reputable sources and not spam sites. Links should also not lead to competitors of our site or be affiliate links.
    • You include a short bio that (at the very least) explains your expertise on the issue.

Content Uniqueness

Elemental Green prefers that content be written for Elemental Green and be exclusive to our site. We do require that you are the owner or holder of the copyright to the content. We also require non-exclusive, irrevocable, and royalty-free permission to use the content. In rare cases, we will consider high quality content which has been or will be published elsewhere on the web.

Review Process

In selecting content for publication, we give preference to projects that have great photos; products that utilize the latest advancements or those that have overcome barriers to entry making them more accessible to the masses; and articles that cover topics we have not yet addressed that are well written and engaging and understandable to the “average” consumer.

We reserve the right to refuse submissions based on the personal judgement of our content team and advisors

Results of our review process are normally available within one month of submission.

If we request revisions or additional information, there is no guarantee that the resubmission will be will be accepted.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content will be clearly marked as such at the beginning of the post.

Sponsored content is accepted based on the judgement of our content team and advisors.



The Elemental Green™ Editorial Policy was last modified on October 28, 2020.