Extreme energy savings

Building with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) from Extreme Panel Technologies is the ultimate way to build green. Extreme SIPs regularly save owners 50-60% on heating and cooling costs. The panels can be used as a complete building envelope (roof, walls, floors, and foundation), offering the ideal platform for energy efficiency.

This reduced demand for energy also translates into decreased greenhouse gasses being emitted into the environment, making Extreme SIPs a truly green building system.

green building with SIPs

  • SIPs are made from recyclable EPS foam and fast growing OSB species
  • SIPs create a tight building envelope, immediately reducing the amount of heat and cold that transfers through the walls of traditional buildings, offering up to 60% energy savings
  • Pre-cut SIPs packages create far less jobsite waste than traditional framing methods
  • SIPs provide large solid roofs – walls and floors have very few gaps, and fewer places that pollutants can come into a building – resulting in superior indoor air quality (IAQ) and healthier structures

Net Zero & Environmental Energy Savings

Industry experts regularly refer to SIPs as the foundation for Net Zero, Passive House and Environmental Certifications. The energy efficient benefits of SIPs alone are often the basis for projects to achieve green energy savings. When you combine SIPs with renewable energy sources (solar, geothermal, etc), your residential or commercial structures can easily become net zero energy projects. The energy meters may actually run backwards!

Zero energy and passive homes feature airtight construction. Because SIPs can insulate a building so efficiently, the size of the equipment needed to heat and cool a structure can be reduced significantly. The walls, floors, roof joints and openings for electrical wiring are sealed to reduce infiltration.

For more information about the green features of SIPs, including LEED points, the ANSI/ICC’s National Green Building Standard program points and energy star qualifications, check out the Structural Insulated Panel Association (SIPA).

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