World Green Building Week (WGBW) is September 25th – October 1st and the focus this year is on net-zero energy buildings. Since buildings consume roughly 70% of the energy in this country and account for about 40% of CO2 emissions, transitioning to net zero could make an enormous impact – and we know it’s feasible.

In honor of WGBW, we’re coordinating a digital campaign to raise awareness about the issue and to empower consumers and professionals in the residential sector to work towards net zero.

With inspirational home features and educational content, we’ll be spreading the #OurHeroIsZero message far and wide. We invite everyone who uses social media or has a website, for personal or professional reasons, to join us in spreading the word during World Green Building Week.

Stay informed throughout the week, as we provide updates on our social media feeds. You can follow the conversation with #OurHeroIsZero and #NetZeroHero:

Also, check out our homepage at Elemental.Green to see the featured articles, top product picks, and trending topics all focused on net-zero energy homes. Take action at your home and help fight climate change by becoming a net-zero hero!