Handmade to Order

Fireclay is unique from anyone else in that they hand-make every tile to order using recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing practices.

What makes them more sustainable?

  • POST-INDUSTRIAL GRANITE DUST – Bag house dust made from processed gravel at a neighboring plant; used in our signature recycled clay body
  • POST-INDUSTRIAL GLASS – Locally-sourced waste used as the primary material in our 100% recycled glass
  • CURBSIDE GLASS – Bag house dust created from processing recycled bottles; used in our signature recycled clay body
  • CURBSIDE PORCELAIN – Locally-sourced scrap accumulated from water conservation initiatives; used in our signature recycled clay body
  • FIRECLAY SCRAP – Fired second quality tile (and our namesake), crushed and returned to the raw materials stream
  • RECYCLED PACKING MATERIALS – Green goes beyond the factory. All orders are packaged for shipment using 100% recycled boxes, re-used shipping crates, and sawdust from a local furniture manufacturer.
  • CARBON OFFSET SHIPPING – Tile is heavy. To offset the carbon footprint that’s created from shipping tile near and far, we’ve partnered with the Carbon fund to offset 100% of our emissions.


  • B Corp

Fireclay Tiles


150 colors, 24 standard sizes and numerous specialty shapes, not to mention more than 300 patterns to choose from.

Glass Tile


40 deeply saturated colors in both gloss and matte finishes using a natural VOC free pigmenting process, 17 different sizes and shapes, and a wide range of mosaic patterns.


Visit Fireclay Tile to learn more and see their huge array of options in colors, shapes, patterns, hand painted, and more.

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