DESIGN: FLOR is designed for you and for the environment. This is smarter carpet for living on, caring for and recycling over again.

MANUFACTURING: They produce each square as efficiently as possible. They use renewable energy sources and technology that reduces waste and emissions.

USE: Their modular format means that you can create a flexible, practicable, scalable design system that works best for you and your space.

DELIVERY: What’s the best box to receive on your doorstep? A pizza box. How can that be even better? If the pizza box is full of design possibilities. FLOR boxes are easy to manage and easy to reuse in imaginative ways.

RENEWABLE & RECYCLED: Their ultimate goal is to exclusively use renewable and recycled raw materials. Today, most styles meet or exceed the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus standards for low VOCs, important for healthy indoor air quality. They’re where they want to be, but they can continue to make great progress with your help.

RECLAIMED: When you donate your FLOR back to their Return & Recycle Program, each square is disassembled so face fibers and backing materials can be reused each in their optimal ways. Smart to start, smart to finish and start again. To keep your FLOR out of a landfill, call 1.866.281.3567.


Nearly all of their styles are made 100% from recycled nylon. So when they learned that discarded fishing nets damage the ecosystem for centuries as they degrade, they realized we had an opportunity.

Through research, design and technology collaborations, they discovered that the fishing nets – made of nylon – could be recycled to create beautiful new carpet.

So for years, FLOR and Interface have partnered with Aquafil to repurpose nylon from many sources, including these recovered fishing nets.


The Net-Works program brings this idea to life in a fishing community in the Philippines. It provides a platform for recycling discarded nets, keeping the nets out of the marine ecosystem, giving them new life as FLOR squares and giving back to the the Danajon Bank economy by buying the nets from the fishermen.

The result? Every step you take becomes one towards a better planet.


As a division of Interface, Inc., FLOR is part of a family of companies committed to caring for the environment in all they do. They’re dedicated to Mission Zero, a promise to eliminate any negative environmental impact by 2020.


Visit Flor to learn more and see the full line of products.