Flotender is a division of Filtrific®, a company that has been manufacturing high-quality water feature products for ten years. Filtrific’s water feature line was originally designed not only for water features, but also with the forethought of reducing residential water waste using rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling. Ten years later, the need for water conservation solutions is so great that Filtrific has created Flotender™ greywater recycling systems. In conjunction with the Filtrific rainwater filter at last utilizes the full potential of the Filtrific product line.

Greywater Filtration Systems

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Flotender Filters

When reusing greywater for drip irrigation precise greywater filtration is essential. With this in mind, the patented Flotender Greywater Processors have been meticulously engineered to provide ultra-fine multi-stage filtration system which effectively removes lint and debris from greywater prior to distribution through the drip irrigation system. Flotender provides a level of filtration which far exceeds any other greywater irrigation filter on the market and provides 150 mesh filtration which exceeds nearly every drip irrigation manufacture’s filtration requirements.

Flotender’s patented design has been engineered to ensure that un-filtered greywater is not allowed to bypass either the primary or secondary filters. This is achieved by a series of industrial-grade gaskets antight-fittingng system components that ensure a snug fit within the filtration system.

Each Flotender system includes a dual-stage filtration process. The first stage captures the majority of the greywater debris (hair, lint etc.) while the second stage captures small lint particles which may have re-grouped after passing through the primary filter. For systems which are processing large amounts of laundry water, additional secondary filter modules can be added to add extra levels of filtration as well as extend the maintenance window of the system.

Flotender Pressurizes

In order for a drip irrigation system to operate, significant pumping pressure is required. The Flotender Greywater Processor features a high-pressure pump which allows water to be delivered efficiently to elevated areas of the landscape through hundreds of drip emitters. Three different pump sizes are available to match project specific pumping requirements, 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP and 1 HP. While the smaller pumps provide sufficient pressure for typical sized landscapes, the 1 HP pump is the most commonly used as it provides ample pressure for not only most existing landscapes but also for possible future landscape expansion.

Flotender is Universally Compatible

From subsurface drip irrigation for lawns to above ground irrigation for flowers and plants, the Flotender Greywater Processor is virtually compatible with most styles and brands of drip irrigation equipment. This is due to Flotender’s ultra-fine multi-stage fine particle filtration system which provides 150 mesh filtration.

When selecting drip irrigation equipment to attach to your Flotender system, it is recommended that the drip emitters are self-flushing, pressure compensating and emit a minimum flow of .5 GPH (gallons per hour) or more. Emitters which meet these specifications produce even water distribution throughout the landscape when attached to a Flotender greywater irrigation system.

Flotender is Expandable

In addition to the built-in surge capacity that each Flotender Greywater Filter provides, additional expansion reservoir units can be connected to the greywater filtration system during or post installation. These units provide additional surge capacity and allow for the greywater from additional in-flowing fixtures to be contained. The expansion reservoir units can be added to the system either during or after installation. There is no limit to the number of expansion reservoirs that can be added to a Flotender or GreyLink system.

Flotender is Easy to Service

The Flotender system has been designed to not only filter and pressurize greywater but also to be easy to service. The primary and secondary filters each require approximately 5 minutes to manually clean. The primary filter is self-cleaning with a recommended manual service quarterly. The secondary filter must be manually cleaned quarterly.

Flotender Provides LEED Credits

Flotender provides the following LEED value when installed on a project:

WEp1: Water Use Reduction, 20% Reduction
WEc1: Water Efficient Landscaping
WWEc2: Innovative Wastewater Technologies
WEc3: Water Use Reduction

Did You Know?

Drip irrigation systems require completely debris free water to operate correctly. When greywater is used in a drip irrigation system the greywater must be precisely filtered to ensure that even the smallest debris isn’t allowed to pass. Failure to do so will cause the system to become clogged and cause permanent damage. The Flotender Greywater Processor is specifically designed to remove all of the debris from greywater and Flotender’s ultra fine filtration exceeds the filtration requirements of virtually every commercial drip irrigation system on the market.

Flotender Greywater Filtration System Video

Below is a video introduction to the Flotender Greywater System installed in an instant distribution configuration.

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