Goal Zero Portable Solar Energy Products

Goal Zero Portable Solar Energy Products

Innovator of easy-to-use portable solar power products

Goal Zero manufactures solar-powered products for any place, any space, and any occasion. Charge or power almost anything from sun, including phones, laptops, lights, and even refrigerators.



Goal Zero’s Compact class of products are perfect for charging devices with low-power needs such as cell phones, mp3 players, headlamps, and more.


Goal Zero’s Mid-Size class of products are perfect for charging devices with low or medium power needs such as tablets, laptops, DSLR cameras and more.

Heavy duty

Goal Zero’s Heavy-Duty class of products are perfect for charging devices with low, medium, or high power requirements such as TVs, small refrigerators, CPAP machines and more.

Goal Zero offers a variety of solar-powered products for every time and place. Whether you’re seeking a solar-powered generator or an on-the-go energy solution, Goal Zero has a wide range of products for you to choose from.

Solar panels

Ultra lightweight and portable, weather-resistant solar panels enable you to charge handheld USB/12V gear directly from the sun. Use a Goal Zero portable power pack and store power for your gear day or night.

Solar generators

Plug-and-play, silent, fume-free generators for emergencies, camping, or wherever you need power. Your gas-free source of portable power to keep lights, phones and laptops powered on through any situation.

All-in-one solar kits

Portable, rugged charging kits as adventurous as you are for powering on-the-go.


Visit Goal Zero for more information and to see more solar-related products.


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