attractive vegetated roofing with a simple installation process

WESTON has been involved in the vegetative green roofing industry for over 10 years and has installed over 4 million square feet of vegetative green roofing over that time.

The “new” GreenGrid modular vegetative green roof system continues to offer the distinct advantages it is known for such as simplicity of design, flexibility, and fully modular features. These have been hallmarks of the GreenGrid system since 2001.


design flexibility

GreenGrid® offers a large palette of vegetative green roof planting options in a variety of depths, and can be customized to fit curves and odd angles.

True modularity

Unlike layered-style and hybrid systems, GreenGrid modules remain modular once they are installed. This allows for easy access to the underlying waterproofing system. Roof repairs are inevitable at some point along the life of the roofing materials. The advantage of being able to easily access the roof saves the cost of having to also repair the area of vegetation that must be disturbed to access the roof. GreenGrid modules can be removed, set aside, and replaced once repairs are made.

simple installation

GreenGrid system installation is simple, effective, and attractive!

  • Simple—the GreenGrid system is assembled and maintained at one of our partner nurseries until ready for installation. Modules arrive at the project site pre-vegetated and are simply hoisted to the roof for installation.
  • Effective—installing mature pre-vegetated GreenGrid modules leads to an instant vegetative “green” roof.
  • Attractive—since GreenGrid modules arrive to the project pre-vegetated ready for installation, the idea of instant aesthetics is complete with the GreenGrid system.

zero edge

GreenGrid’s new modules feature a zero-edge design rather than the thick noticeable edges of previous versions of GreenGrid. This feature adds to the aesthetic quality of the GreenGrid system. Module lines are invisible underneath the vegetation of the vegetative green roof.

pre-vegetated aesthetics

A pre-vegetated GreenGrid vegetative green roof system can meet plant coverage specifications up to 95%. Modules are grown out at their partner nurseries in accordance with your specifications, delivered to the job site, and installed for an instant mature green roof. In addition to the instant aesthetic appeal, grown-out modules provide other functional benefits: A mature green roof is less susceptible to weed encroachment, and mature vegetation helps protect the growth media from potential wind scour and water erosion. This translates to a successful green roof with less maintenance.

Visit Greengrid roofs for more information and pricing on their pre-vegetated green roof blocks.