Old Growth Teak, 100% FSC Certified Reclaimed

IndoTeak is a custom-design reclaimed teak company, manufacturing high-quality FSC, recycled, 100% teak flooring, siding, paneling, decking, and more. IndoTeak’s mission is to offer the most environmentally responsible, beautiful, durable, and authentic hardwood material on the market. This teak is reclaimed by hand from seasoned Indonesian structures up to 300 years old, and has a true natural, one-of-a-kind patina.

environment first

Too many woodlands are diminished as the result of deforestation, and one factor of that is improper systems of recycling. At IndoTeak Design, it’s prerogative to provide high-quality Teak hardwood floors without any damage to the environment. By properly utilizing FSC Recycled 100% Teak salvaged from Indonesia, IndoTeak’s production works as a zero-waste process. This means no trees are cut down as a result of their work. Instead, the wood is saved from 100-300-year-old structures that would have otherwise been demolished, refined without any VOC or leeching glues.


Teak Tiles

IndoTeak’s new Cinta™ Collection is the first-of-its-kind, recycled 100% teak tile for wet or dry spaces. The word “cinta” in Indonesian means “love”—the perfect word to describe how the creators at IndoTeak feel about this line. Created by Erin Adams for IndoTeak Design, Cinta™ is a groundbreaking tile and mosaic collection that fuses the freshness of contemporary design with the rich timelessness of FSC Recycled 100%, reclaimed teak.

Engineered flooring

Designed for versatility of installation and exceptional stability, IndoTeak engineered floors are composed entirely of the highest quality reclaimed teak. These floors are available in a huge variety of finishes and textures, with an incredibly durable surface from years of weathering.


Created for beauty, ease of installation, and durability, Indoteak’s Sheet Goods are beautiful front to back. Perfect for Cabinets, Doors, Drawer Fronts, Wall treatments and more.


Classic, extraordinary decking material, reclaimed teak from centuries-old buildings, is the perfect material for enduring value. Teak is world-renowned for its durability and natural resistance to decay, and will perform admirably even with little or no maintenance. Leave it weather to a silvery grey patina for a low impact lifestyle, or oil yearly to preserve the rich golden brown hues.

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