A history of leadership in the sustainable materials business

Innovations has always been a pioneer in the design industry. Their commitment to natural products and sustainable design is an example of how they have led the design community toward a greener future.

In 1999, before green building practices were widely used, Innovations USA created their Innvironments line of non-toxic, breathable wallcoverings and textiles made from renewable or recyclable materials. Since then, the company has continued to expand the line to offer a wide range of products that are as beautiful as they are sustainable. With their comprehensive line of natural and sustainable products, Innovations makes it possible for you to make responsible design choices without sacrificing style. Innovations firmly believes it’s easy to be green and gorgeous.

Innovations USA stands behind their products because they are made with the highest manufacturing standards, using top-of-the-line materials at the cutting edge of contemporary design.

Manufacturing Transparency

Many Innovations products are made using recycled backing. In addition, most products are made with entirely natural and non-synthetic fibers or materials. Innovations USA is proud to be completely transparent about the materials used in their manufacturing process. On their site you’ll find a comprehensive checklist of each product and its specifications, including whether the product is made with natural materials, recycled backing, rapidly-renewable materials, and more.




With the introduction of the Innvironments Collection in 2000, Innovations was the first company to create a comprehensive line of environmentally friendly commercial wallcoverings. All of the Innvironments products are permeable, thus can add to the reduction of mold and mildew. Only water based inks and coatings are used in the production of this captivating selection of natural wallcoverings.


Gone are the days of laboriously applying delicate metal leaf to walls in the hope of adding a little metallic gleam. From the sensational Metalessence Collection to our new textile and Innvironments wallcoverings with a little added metallic appeal, Innovations’ metallic wallcoverings add warmth and radiance to any interior. More durable and easier to apply than metal leaf, they are also more stylish, more innovative, and a fraction of the cost.


Drawing influence from the world of woven textiles, Innovations Textile Wallcoverings bring tailored haberdashery to the wall. They are all made with natural fibers that are as luxurious as they are durable, and are chemical free and permeable to contribute to better indoor air quality.


From modern geometric prints to timeless damasks, Innovations’ pattern wallcoverings are a captivating way to add visual interest and appeal to design-forward interiors. Available in a selection of colors and materials, these wallcoverings are as stylish as they are versatile.

HD Walls

Digitally designed bespoke patterns available in a variety of materials. (Available through Innovations in select markets)


Materials & Textiles



Innovations USA offers a sumptuous array of upholstery textiles, from linen to velvet, in a variety of colors and patterns.


Let in the light with something beautiful by selecting from Innovations’ elegant collection of sheers, available in numerous colors and patterns.


Faux Leather

One place where the unnatural alternative is the right choice! Choose the earth-friendly alternative to natural leathers with Innovations USA’s selection of faux leathers, in a huge array of patterns and colors.

Visit Innovations USA to see their huge line of sustainably-made wallcoverings and textiles.