wooden nails

The revolutionary LignoLoc® wooden nails are made from indigenous beech wood and boast a tensile strength similar to aluminum nails.

Their mechanical properties allow the nails to be driven into solid structural timber with the FASCO LignoLoc®pneumatic nailer, without any pre-drilling, to form an inseparable bond with the timber.


  • Quick and simple installation with FASCO pneumatic nailers
  • Hardly any water absorption, so no expansion
  • High holding power thanks to lignin welding
  • Resistant to fungal infestation
  • No streaking or bleeding on the wood
  • More environmentally friendly than metal fasteners
  • Installed significantly faster than wood dowels
  • No pre-drilling
  • No wood glue necessary
  • Made of indigenous beech wood
  • Better fire protection in wood structure than steel or metal fasteners
  • No thermal bridges, so better insulation values
  • Tensile strength similar to aluminum nails (~ 250 N/mm²)
  • Minimal tool wear when cutting nailed wooden components subsequently

High retention thanks to lignin welding

The special design of the LignoLoc® nail tip and the large amount of heat generated by friction when the nail is driven in cause the lignin of the wooden nail to weld with the surrounding wood to form a substance-to-substance bond.

F44 LignoLoc® nailer for use in environmentally friendly wood processing

The LignoLoc® pneumatic nailer is the result of perfect function and optimum handling. It provides the necessary power and precision for processing LignoLoc®wooden nails quickly and accurately. At the F44AC LIGNOLOC pneumatic nailer FASCO has replaced the human fingers through two guiding flaps. These flaps give the nail sufficient holding support in the critical phase of the driving operation to prevent strong bending and thus breaking.

LignoLoc® changes woodworking sustainably. Inspired by enthusiastic users, the research and development team of the BECK Fastener Group is tirelessly researching possible applications:

– Interior timber cladding
– Timber façades
– Wooden fences
– Wooden furniture
– Sauna building
– Floors: OSB- und real wood flooring
– Working with reclaimed wood
– Boat building
– Wooden coffins
– and many more

Visit Lignoloc to learn more about their innovative collated wooden nails.