LOS ALTOS, Calif., October 12, 2022—Elemental Green, a leading media company for green home building and eco-friendly home design, announced today that the Zero Energy Project, one of the most respected education and advocacy initiatives for the adoption of zero energy and zero carbon homes, is joining the Elemental Green portfolio. Together, Elemental Green and the Zero Energy Project increase their opportunities for impact, to inform, advocate, and direct a far-greater audience of homeowners, renovators, builders, and contractors on their journey to creating the healthiest, green and most energy efficient homes and communities. Additionally, Zero Energy Project founder, Joe Emerson, will join the Elemental Green Advisory Board.

“Everyone deserves a more sustainable, energy efficient, and healthier home,” says Elemental Green founder Sheridan Foster. “Our mission from the beginning has been to help homeowners and building professionals gain easy access to the influential industry voices, information, certifications, materials, products, and services available to them to bring their green home visions to life. The Zero Energy Project enables us to greatly increase knowledge transfer between industry experts and consumer audiences, with the end goal of making green, zero-energy homes the norm nationally.”

“By joining forces with Elemental Green, the Zero Energy Project has greater opportunity to build consumer demand for zero energy and zero carbon homes and communities, while encouraging building professionals and community planners to increase supply,” said Joe Emerson, founder of the Zero Energy Project. “I look forward to the unified growth of our mission and continuing to guide its success in my new Advisory Board role.”

About Elemental Green

Elemental Green is a leading green home building and zero energy advocacy media company, which now includes the Zero Energy Project. Elemental Green provides information on sustainable home development, certifications, building materials, building standards, products, and professional services in a way that encourages consumer and industry demand and a pathway for the healthiest possible zero carbon homes. The Zero Energy Project provides all stakeholders with the necessary resources for understanding, designing, constructing, and selling affordable zero energy homes.

To learn more, visit elemental.green and zeroenergyproject.com.