Why Bamboo

  • From a forestry standpoint, bamboo can be grown with no added fertilizers, pesticides or irrigation and can sequester up to 70% more carbon per year than a hardwood forest.
  • Moso bamboo has an optimal five-year growth cycle and is selectively harvested by hand, eliminating heavy equipment that can impact habitat.
  • Bamboo can be harvested without the need to replant, as it naturally regenerates annually.
  • Due to a rhizome root structure, bamboo has the ability to hold loose soil in place, preventing erosion.
  • Bamboo is a rapidly renewable and readily available alternative source of material for a wide range of applications.

Environment and Sustainability

From the beginning, Smith & Fong has been dedicated to sustainability. The company makes its decisions based on quality and design as well as social and environmental considerations, with a belief that profit is the byproduct –not the product– of a job well done.

Smith & Fong believes in the natural sustainability of bamboo forestry and the harvesting practices developed over centuries of experience. To validate the legitimacy of its forestry practices, in 2008 the company became the first American bamboo company to establish an FSC source for its bamboo in China.

Smith & Fong, with its Plyboo product, was also the first in its industry to establish a formaldehyde-free bamboo manufacturing program in 2007. Today the company offer all its bamboo panel products as either ULEF, a higher standard than the industry-accepted CARB Phase II, or as a prefinished product certified under the Cal. Sec. 01350 testing protocol, the most stringent testing protocol currently available in the market.

Linear Collection

Inspired by the depth and movement of hand-loomed fabric.


Made entirely of carved Plyboo bamboo panels, the vertically fluted face layer reveals a uniquely graphic inner core. These intersecting surfaces harmoniously suggest the natural, tactile quality of a woven textile that is both curious and compelling.

The Linear Line collection is suitable for any interior feature and is available in 12 architecturally inspired styles and colors, each utilizing Smith & Fong’s proprietary RealCore™ Technology in varied compositions. The Linear Line Collection can contribute toward LEED credits and can be ordered 100% FSC-certified bamboo. Sheet sizes measure ¾x4x8 or 3/4x4x10 and are available prefinished or unfinished.

Linear Sound Collection

Beauty and functionality are both present in Smith & Fong’s Linear Sound series of carved acoustical panels and are its most daring and innovative panels to date. As always, Smith & Fong starts by utilizing RealCore® the inherent engineered characteristics of its signature, multi-layered bamboo panel. By carving deeply into and through the layers of material, a complex pattern of mingling planes evokes modernism and movement. Combined with its Plyboo QuietWall® sound abatement system for acoustical performance, this new Plyboo Linear Sound Panel achieves an impressive noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.7. Offered in 21 different designs and colors with FSC-certified 100% bamboo. Sizes in 3/4x4x8 and 3/4x4x10.

Reveal Collection

Carved and Textured Bamboo Wall Panels

The Reveal™ Collection is a series of carved and textured bamboo panels with motifs ranging from modern to tribal.

Manufactured using Smith & Fong’s proprietary RealCore™ technology insures the panels have both beauty and integrity. This artistic collection is available in nine different patterns and colors. Reveal panels can contribute toward LEED credits and are available in 100% FSC-certified bamboo. Panel sizes are 3/4x4x8 or 3/4x4x10 and come either prefinished or unfinished.

Palm Collection

Durapalm Deco and Woven palm paneling utilizes natural palm lumber for its construction. Palms are harvested from plantations and other sustainable sources after the useful productive life of the plant is over. Palm lumber produces a wonderful range of grains, textures and colors giving this material a lively, vibrant and warm character. Durapalm Deco and Woven panels are produced using formaldehyde-free adhesives and pass the Cal. Sec. 01350, the most stringent testing protocol available. Durapalm panels can contribute to LEED credits. Finished in either a hand rubbed oil or poly finish, panels are offered in sizes ¾”x6”x48” and inter-lock to create a seamless surface when installed.


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