hydroelectric power for your home

For those lucky enough to have a good hydroelectric site, a micro hydroelectric generator really is the best choice for renewable energy. Even a small mountain stream that runs most of the year provides owners of micro hydroelectric generators with an unbeatable Watts per dollar return, in part because peripheral expenses like batteries are minimized with the steady flow of power hydroelectricity offers.

An effective micro-hydro system must be site-specific and typically requires more planning than a solar PV system. Real Goods’ Hydroelectric Site Evaluation Form and Tech Desk (800-919-2400) will help you maximize your hydro site’s effectiveness with a properly-sized micro hydroelectric generator, battery bank, and piping.

HI Power 4-Nozzle Hydroelectric Turbine – 800W

The user-friendly, low-voltage hydroelectric turbines from HI Power require no mechanical or electrical adjustments because they are built to match each individual site. They are more efficient than car alternator types over a wider range of head and flow. The 4-nozzle configuration allows for easy adjustments in situations with varying flows (for example, Northern California’s wet winters and dry summers). With 800 Watts of power, this hydroelectric turbine is designed for dynamic pressures of 30psi (70′ of head) and above.

These hydroelectric generators are built using renewable energy.

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