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Using recycled beverage cartons, ReWall produces 100% Upcycled, High-Performing, Healthy Green Building Materials. All ReWall products feature 100% recycled content, moisture and abuse resistance, highest mold resistance rating by ASTM D3273 (10), no VOCs, and Class C or higher flame spread rating. Products offered include:

  • Roof cover board
  • Exterior sheathing
  • Interior wallboard
  • Floor underlayment
  • Ceiling tiles

Carton Heaven – The Real Recycling Solution for Beverage Cartons & Cups

When beverage cartons come to the end of their useful life, what happens? Where do they go? Is there an Afterlife? Most of the time, cartons are stripped of their plastic and aluminum layers to salvage the good paper pulp, to be recycled into products like tissue. This is a downcycling solution that saves trees, but creates a lot of residual waste and requires a lot of energy and water.

What if the cartons could carry on, in their most pure form, with all their best properties, without compromising their environmental impact? When cartons make it to ReWall, the entire composite material is used to create inherently moisture and mold resistant, durable composite panels.

The ReWall manufacturing process uses zero water, and very little energy, to upcycle the most eco-friendly food packaging into high performance building materials.

Real green manufacturing

ReWall proudly makes their building products from 100% recycled beverage cartons, cups, and their components. Their zero-water, zero-waste process with a miniature carbon footprint differs vastly from manufacturing of the traditional materials they replace. ReWall uses no formaldehyde glues or hazardous chemicals. They take a typically hard-to-recycle composite material (cartons) and upcycle them into very durable, moisture- and mold-resistant composite panels.

the future of recycled building materials

Fast foods can build their stores from their own cup waste. Schools can install new ceiling tiles made from their kids’ milk cartons. Cities can board up their vacant buildings with boards made from their waste. Companies can install protective wallboards that come pre-finished in their company colors. If a customer needs one wall washable and the other printable, one ReWall board can provide both!

big savings

ReWall delivers its unique properties and unparalleled eco-friendliness at or below the price of the comparable products such as moisture, mold and abuse resistant drywall, FSC certified plywood, cement boards, ceiling tiles, roof cover boards, FRPs etc. Even the cheapest drywall will cost more in the end than ReWall’s NakedBoard, which doesn’t require taping, mudding, sanding and painting!

Performance First

After 18 years of research and development and a battery of the US testing and certifications, ReWall is proud to offer products with an unparalleled combination of properties.

  • Moisture resistance: Made from 100% upcycled packaging that is designed to hold liquids for years!
  • Mold resistance: 10 out of 10 in the mold growth test.
  • Durability: Just look at the 16-pound bowling ball bouncing off of ReWall.
  • Strength: EssentialBoard was labeled a structural sheathing product after it broke SBCRI’s testing equipment.
  • VOC emissions: Take FDA approved food packaging, use no glues, add no chemicals, make boards that emit zero VOCs.
  • Compression strength: Twice as good as cement boards.
  • Sound insulation: Same Impact Insulation Class as specialty cork products.

Impact on landfills

The contribution of ReWall to the landfill reduction is easy to demonstrate based on the sheer volume of waste that is converted into ReWall. About 30 cartons make up a single 2’x2’ ReWall ceiling tile and at least 400 cartons are recycled in each and every 1/2″x4’x8’ ReWall board. This means that each truckload of ReWall products removes almost 300,000 cartons from the landfill!

Visit ReWall Solutions to see their full line of 100% recycled building materials.


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