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Track energy use in real time at the sub-second level.

Yes, really.

How it works

#1 Install the Sense monitor in your electric panel.

#2 Download the app for iOS or Android.

#3 Connect the monitor to Wi-Fi.

#4 Start listening! Monitor your power use in real-time right away.

#5 Over the next few weeks, Sense will start automatically identifying devices, reveal trends in your power use, and keep getting smarter!

Track energy over time

Monitor energy throughout the month to make sure you stay on track.

Set device-level notifications

Enable alerts when the garage door opens or the sump pump turns on.

Identify sources of energy waste

Find energy hogs, identify your energy baseload, and how much it’s costing you.

Keep tabs on your home

Check whether the oven is still on, or whether the drain pump is running.

Every electrical device has a unique electronic signature — its own voice. The Sense home energy monitor listens to those voices through current sensors in your electric panel. It records them millions of times per second. Then advanced machine learning detection algorithms work to distinguish one appliance from another — to recognize each individual voice. Over time, more and more devices are discovered as the Sense community grows.

Visit Sense to learn more about their home energy monitor or…