There are a million ways to have a greener home, but what’s right for you? Whether you’re building from scratch or making some minor renovations, we’re here to help. Browse for the perfect products, get inspired from other people’s projects, and learn why and how sustainable solutions are right for your home. Whatever you’re searching for, spend some time looking around the site. We can almost guarantee you’ll find something you never knew existed for your dream green home!

Here’s what you’ll find on Elemental Green:


Green homes come in all shapes and sizes and we show them off in all of their green glory — LEED homes, passive homes, net zero homes, Living Building Challenge homes, tiny homes, prefabs, shipping container homes, eco-apartments, lofts, condos and more!


The market for green building and renovation materials and design concepts is exploding, but new innovations often go relatively unnoticed by the increasing population of people who would be interested in using them. That ends here. We intend on making this your one-stop shop for exploring possibilities and finding everything you need.


Going green is a journey and a constant learning curve. We know from experience that sometimes the information is overwhelming and other times it’s so wonky it’ll put you to sleep. Our goal is to translate, demystify, and hopefully even delight.


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One more thing – this site isn’t just about us “talking” and you “listening,” we want to hear from you. Please share your projects, experiences, favorite products, and related expertise for others to learn from and be inspired by. Click here to learn more.


What is Elemental Green?

Elemental Green is the ultimate green home resource to dream, discover and design solutions for sustainable home building and renovation.

Why create this resource?

The founder, Sheridan Foster, was in the middle of building a new home and found it hard to source green building products and materials.  Each decision became a series of  labor-intensive web and catalog searches. An idea was born for an easier, beautiful and educational solution to this problem. Sheridan pulled together the “dream green team” to create a resource for homeowners, builders and architects who want to discover sustainable products for a more efficient, greener home.

What type of content do you publish?

Projects, experiences, products, and expert advice on green building and renovations for others to learn from and be inspired by.

Can I post my product/project/article?

Elemental Green accepts submissions. Please see Share with Us for more information.

Can I buy products from Elemental Green?

Elemental Green is an educational resource. We do not directly sell products. Our website will link you with product companies and professionals who can make your green dreams come true.

How do I know these products are really green?

Elemental Greens editorial and writing staff curates fabulous green discoveries based on available information from a variety of sources. In most cases, we do not do a full and complete discovery and disclosure review or independent testing. Please follow up with the manufacturers directly to select products that fit your goals.

Does Elemental Green get paid for putting up products?

Elemental Green editorial and writing staff makes article selections based on green principles. Elemental Green accepts sponsorships and/or paid placements and/or affiliate links from companies or products that align with these principles. Cases where content or placement is sponsored is disclosed.

Isn’t it expensive to build green?

Not every project needs to cost more to build it sustainably. And ongoing costs for a green home are typically less than a conventional home. Check out our featured articles on Budget Eco.

How can I help get the word out?

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