Simple but efficient heating and cooling technology

Solar Activated Facade (SAF) is a unique, innovative cladding system comprised of glass and wood that captures passive solar energy (heat) to reverse the energy gradient in walls. This capture effectively reduces the need for insulation as well as heating and cooling inputs. The power of its effectiveness lies in the ability of the system to absorb and store solar energy within, which drastically increases the R-value of the entire wall above and beyond what can be achieved with standard insulation products.

What is SAF?

SAF’s core technology is comprised of:

  1. The solid wood-absorber (heat buffer), which sits against a conventionally insulated wall
  2. A back-vented solar glass façade applied over the wood absorber to protect the wood from the elements while amplifying the thermal buffering effect.

SAF can be installed on any structural wall system, whether it is a light frame stud wall, a heavy CMU wall or the wall of an existing building.

The wood-absorber can be colored or left natural. Through the protection of the glass the wood will not turn colors or fade like a wood siding exposed to the UV and rain.

Long-term savings

In Winter months, SAF dramatically reduces the building’s heat loss; in Summer months, SAF’s uniquely angled wood slats shade the façade from direct solar impact while the back-vented glass draws excessive heat out of the system much faster, helping the building to stay cool. Installing SAF technology means a dramatic reduction of energy use and a huge amount of energy savings.

Sustainable materials

This simple yet sophisticated system uses only natural and abundant materials that can be fully recycled at the end of its life cycle making this a truly sustainable product.

SAF has been repeatedly tested at Empa Switzerland (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), and applied on over 100 new and retrofit buildings in Switzerland and surrounding countries.

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