A different kind of lumberyard

Sustainable Northwest Wood offers only sustainable, restorative, and FSC® certified lumber products that are harvested and milled in the Pacific Northwest.

Sustainable Northwest Wood was founded in 2008 as a for-profit subsidiary of the non-profit organization Sustainable Northwest. Sustainable Northwest Wood’s profits return to Sustainable Northwest and support their work throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Everything at Sustainable Northwest wood is from the Pacific Northwest and is grown on forests managed to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) or as part of stewardship programs restoring native ecosystems.  The company is 100% committed to sustainable wood — it is Sustainable Northwest Wood’s entire product offering, not just a small percentage of what they carry.

hands-on sustainability practices and learning

Because Sustainable Northwest Wood works with wood sourced exclusively from local forests, they have first-hand knowledge of management practices within the forests. Regular forest tours highlight the progressive forestry techniques that produce Sustainable Northwest Wood’s wood products. Customers are encouraged to visit the forests themselves to see and learn about the harvesting practices.

local relationships

Sustainable Northwest Wood is guided by the mission of supporting small mills in rural communities, bolstering sustainable economic development and job creation. By working directly with local mills, Sustainable Northwest Wood can offer sustainable products at highly competitive prices.

Sustainable Northwest Wood Values

  • Integrity – All products are produced in the Pacific Northwest using wood from local, sustainably managed forests
  • Celebration – The people and forests that provide this wood are worthy of and shall receive celebration
  • Service – Providing customers with the highest level of service possible
  • Respect – Ideas, values and concerns of all staff, vendors and customers are treated with respect; creating a community that thrives in response to its collective well-being
  • Inspiration/Challenge – Inspiring others, challenging themselves to always improve business practices and raise standards

featured sustainable wood products

FSC-certified western red cedar siding

Sustainable Northwest Wood’s Western Red Cedar is harvested through forest restoration programs, like the on-going project at the Ellsworth Creek Preserve in southern Washington. Working with scientists and partners, Sustainable Northwest Wood is helping to restore thousands of acres of forest and miles of vital streams.

Restoration Juniper

Restoration Juniper is a long-lasting, beautiful, and chemical-free wood that supports family-run mills committed to restoring Northwest ecosystems.  It has a unique look that coordinates well with many different design styles. Once installed, it promises decades of beauty and performance.

Juniper’s legendary durability comes from its high content of natural aromatic oils. Similar to cedar and redwood, these oils prevent the microbial decay that causes wood to rot.  Juniper, however, lasts much longer than cedar or redwood, up to 50 years or more in ground contact applications.

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