– made with 80% recycled plastics

Sylvanix has been manufacturing outdoor products since 2002 for markets around the world. Their focus has been in the technology-driven world of composite building materials. The popularity of alternative and sustainable solutions for building outdoor living environments has led to a revolution in extruded products that make use of plentiful recycled ingredients. The resulting products help to manage Sylvanix’s natural resources and their family time. It’s also fortunate that these ingredients combined with their well researched and tested formulas are proving themselves to be reliable products that last longer with less maintenance.

Sylvanix is committed to continued research and development to meet expanding customer demand. Their goal is to provide practical solutions for today’s outdoor lifestyles.

Durable and Low Maintenance Composite Decking

Install it and forget about it. No more painting, refinishing or worrying about your deck rotting out from under you. Just a regular sweep and the occasional power wash and your deck will last for 20 years or longer. Imagine that.

It’s all because Embellish Decking’s core is a durable recycled plastic composite coated with a hard surface that resists staining and scratching.

Why the emphasis on stains and scratches? Because family and friends can be as hard on decks as Mother Nature. Embellish Decking stands firm to it all. It resists water, rot, pests, kids, pets, barbecues, and wine. And you’ll never have to worry about wood splinters again.

Composite decking recycles plastic

A tremendous amount of plastic is thrown away every day. Embellish Decking puts this manmade resource to good use. It becomes part of Sylvanix’s composite formula that is molded into deck boards with wood grain embossing. Instead of this plastic ending up in landfills or oceans, you recycle it and Sylvanix transforms it into a new, long-lasting product, which also helps conserve forests.

Both recycling and conserving are good environmental strategies. So if you’re looking for a greener building solution, Embellish Decking is a great choice.

  • No painting or staining ever!
  • Made with 80% recycled plastics
  • Naturally resistant to decay and insects
  • Deep embossed wood grain
  • Three realistic variegated colors
  • Easy installation
  • 20-year prorated warranty