Milk paint is an environmentally friendly paint that is ideal for antique furniture, decks, floors, and walls. You can mix milk paint with pigment powders to create just about any color you can imagine. And, the Real Milk Paint Company does not stop there. They also offer milk paint remover, crackle, tung oil, Citrus Solvent (a natural replacement for mineral spirits and paint thinner) and a host of other earth friendly products.

Exclusive Formulamilk

Real Milk Paint® was developed in an antique restoration business based on the need for authentic, Real Milk Paint® in a traditional color palette that can give a fantastic wood finish. Real Milk Paint®, in 28 colors, is an exclusive formula made from all organic materials including powdered purified casein, lime, and pigments. Real Milk Paint® is a natural paint and is not a repackaged paint from another company, or simulated milk paint. Their powdered milk paint formula will remain usable for a minimum of a two-week period after being mixed with water. Other milk paints have a short pot life and congeal (jell) to a blob allowing only one day to use the mixed paint or be forced to discard the remainder.


Milk paint, a non-toxic paint, was originally made from all organic raw materials, curdled milk, lime, and pigment. Black pigment may have been derived from coal, soot, or charcoal. Red color comes from the earth’s crust or a crushed brick. Yellow Ochre harvested from the earth. Their pigments today are harvested in the traditional manner and are completely safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic, lead-free free, and not radioactive. Real Milk Paint® is a non toxic paint finish made from purified milk protein, lime, natural fillers and pigment. Other paint companies choose to use Kaolin Clay as filler. Real Milk Paint® does not contain Kaolin Clay which can be derived from radioactive clays. Their organic paint comes in a water soluble powder and does not contain solvents (Zero V.O.C. = No Volatile Organic Compounds). Their formula contains almost one third pharmaceutical grade high calcium lime. One of the curing properties of lime is that it goes through a process call carbonization. This means that it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, thus giving you cleaner indoor air quality when used on interior walls. Using Real Milk Paint, a non toxic paint, will reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming. Real Milk Paint can also be used outdoors as well further reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


Milk paint (casein paint) has been in use for hundreds of years. Documentation shows early 16th century painters recognized milk paint as having “much tenacity” along with giving a great wood finish. Real Milk Paint® colors have been derived from more than 15 years of experience restoring and observing antique paint finishes of fine furniture.


The Real Milk powdered milk paint system allows you to control the viscosity of the paint. Just add water to make a thick paint or more water to make a wash coat. Real Milk Paint® will not congeal to an unusable blob by the next day, but will remain usable for 2 weeks to a month. The richness of colors, combined with the dry flat look, is unmatched by modern paints. Real Milk Paint® is virtually odorless during application and while drying. All of the Real Milk Paint® colors can be intermixed to create your own custom Caribbean-Blue-All-680x680shades. Real Milk Paint® will provide a variegated slightly streaky finish giving the look of antiquity right off the brush. Because the milk paint does not flow out after application like a latex paint, the brush marks and or roller marks will remain as part of the textured surface to give a genuine wood finish. Real Milk Paint® does have a texture feel to the dry paint but can be sanded for a smoother result. Real Milk Paint® is also a porous paint which will breathe and allow the exchange of moisture. For high traffic areas such as kitchens, a sealer is recommended over the dry milk paint.

The Real Milk Paint Company is a member of the Better Business Bureau, The Organic Trade Association, The National Wood Flooring Association, and is a Green America Certified Business.

To see their full line of products visit realmilkpaint.com.