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In the average home, showers are typically the third largest water use after toilets and washers. Yet until now, there’s been no way to intelligently know how much water is used while showering. With the WaterHawk smart water-saving showerhead, all of that changes. The showerhead clearly displays both temperature and your real-time water use in gallons, on a colorful, round LED panel embedded in the face of the fixture. The water usage monitoring allows you to take control of how much water you use. The simple temperature display tells you exactly when the water is hot – meaning valuable hot water will not be wasted. On top of it all, the showerhead’s low flow rate adheres to the EPA’s WaterSense flow standards for water efficiency

The WaterHawk Story

Everyone wants to make a difference by decreasing their water use. Saving money on monthly bills is always a plus, and water is a highly valuable resource that we all must work to conserve. But how? We wear smart bands to keep track of how far we walk, how many calories we burn, and how long we sleep — where’s the technology for keeping track of water usage?

This is exactly the question that inspired the makers of the WaterHawk to design the first smart water-efficient showerhead with real-time monitoring. A simple and beautiful LED display tells you exactly when the water is hot, and with every passing moment of your shower you’ll know exactly how much water you’ve used, down to a fraction of a gallon.


Keeping it Simple, While Making a Difference

The WaterHawk water saving shower head clearly displays real-time water usage data, along with current temperature. An attractive LED light indicates when the water temperature is ready to get in the shower to avoid wasting water – blue for below 90ºF, green for 90ºF-108ºF, and red for 108ºF and above.

The water flowing through the showerhead is measured in gallons and displayed for you to take control and efficiently use your water. Every five seconds, the display will switch between the real-time water usage monitor and temperature monitor, so you’ll know exactly when the water is hot and exactly how much water your shower has used.

EPA’s WaterSense Low Flow Rate

The WaterHawk water saving shower head reduces water usage not just by offering water consumption monitoring, but by meeting the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense standards for low flow rate. Current National Efficiency Standards require all showerheads made in the U.S. have a maximum flow rate of 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute). To be labeled with the WaterSense label, a showerhead’s flow rate must be no lower than the WaterHawk’s flow rate of 2.0 gpm. WaterSense showerheads, like the WaterHawk, are typically 20% more efficient than other showerheads — so you’ll start conserving water the instant you make the switch.

The Smartest Showerhead on the Planet

  • Real-time water consumption tracking for each shower
  • Color-coded temperature LED and display
  • Clearly indicates when the water is warm and ready
  • Low flow showerhead 2.0 GPM
  • Hydraulic Drive – No external power supply, no battery

Zero Energy Required

The WaterHawk doesn’t need an external power source or batteries to keep track of the gallons used per shower. A tiny, built-in hydroelectric generator—propelled by the force of water pressure through the fixture—produces all of the off-grid power the WaterHawk needs to deliver on its promise of promoting conservation. This means the WaterHawk water saving shower head has zero impact on your home’s energy demands, while empowering you with valuable information needed to help conserve water in your home.

Easy to Install

The WaterHawk is designed with standard (½”) fittings to be compatible with virtually any shower. The installation process is incredibly simple — no contractors, fancy tools, or even batteries are needed to start saving water in your home. The WaterHawk simply replaces your existing showerhead and is easy to install yourself. A particularly old showerhead may need the help of a wrench to remove, but once it’s off, just twist on the WaterHawk by hand and you’re ready to go!

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