A Beautiful Bathroom Remodel Using Locally Sourced Materials

A Beautiful Bathroom Remodel Using Locally Sourced Materials

Combine earth-friendly materials with spa-inspired design, and you’ll end up with a master bath that’s truly magical! For their master bath renovation, the owners of this beautiful Madison, Wisconsin home were faced with an important decision: choosing a contractor. They envisioned a seriously magnificent, sustainably-built master suite — and TDS Custom Construction was up to the challenge. A total re-configuration of the first floor master bedroom, bathroom, and guest bedroom paved the way for a spacious suite with a truly exquisite master bath.

A Beautiful Bathroom Remodel

In this master bath, style and sustainability fuse together to create a space that is sophisticated, clean, and gloriously relaxing. A giant steam shower (seriously, the soaking tub is inside the steam shower) features a dazzling array of local river rocks, outlining a path from the tub to the built-in bench. All of the fixtures excel beyond the standards for EPA’s WaterSense label, so they’re significantly more water-efficient than comparable fixtures. Add spa-like design elements, sustainable cabinetry, and locally-sourced materials, and you’ve got a breathtaking end product that the homeowners can really enjoy (and really feel proud of).

Everything Under the Sun

This giant steam shower includes a soaking tub, built-in bench, and three different shower options – water-efficient showerhead, handshower, or rainfall shower.

Challenging Project, Outstanding Outcome

The TDS team says this remodel was one of their “most challenging space planning projects to date.” We can see why — transforming three rooms into one brilliant master suite and bath is no easy feat! But the team managed to design the homeowners’ dream master suite with ease, using eco-friendly materials to create a space that truly feels like a spa.

Natural, Locally-Sourced River Rock Custom Tiling

Possibly our favorite image from this project’s gallery: This close-up photo of the steam shower’s gorgeous and nature-inspired flooring! The easy balance between the clean lines of the white tiling and the natural, flowing appearance of the local river rocks is simply perfect. Stepping into the shower onto those smooth river stones must be the best feeling.

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TDS Custom Construction thrives on improving their customers’ living environments. High performance, resource efficiency, and sustainability are at the heart of TDS design projects. TDS is a hybrid design and build firm, which means they fully handle your project — from early conceptual design, to the final stages of construction. Over 30 years of design experience enables the TDS team to guide you through both the joys and challenges of the custom remodel process. The team will happily guide your vision from concept to completion with technical expertise, honorable business practices, meticulous craftsmanship, and brilliant creativity.


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