The simple way to build a sustainable modern lifestyle: a Zero Energy Smarthome

Acre Designs builds net-zero energy homes that allow you to focus on life, not upkeep — or energy bills. Efficiency is at the heart of an Acre home. The result: a home that functions better, is more comfortable, and is dramatically better for the environment.

Acre addresses design and construction from an entirely new perspective. The aim is to replace today’s out-of-date houses with innovative, attainable, high-quality homes that are better for people and the planet.

Simplicity & Efficiency

The Acre Designs process is simple. Once you have ensured your property meets the requirements for the home, made your deposit (to secure your place in line), and selected your home, Acre Homes will:

  • Schedule a site visit, during which Acre Designs professionals will confirm details and exact building location.
  • Guide their local builder in constructing the foundation.
  • Deliver a container that includes all the components for your home.
  • Construct your net-zero energy home via their local builder.
net-zero energy homes elemental green

Zero Energy

That’s right, ZERO. Acre homes create all their own power, which means NO gas or electric bills!

net-zero energy homes elemental green


Acre Designs eliminates the pain of typical construction with:

  1. Curated options
  2. Simple ordering system
  3. Rapid build
net-zero energy homes elemental green

Ultimate comfort

Acre Designs’ super efficient homes are filled with daylight and have no drafts or cold spots. Plenty of fresh air with fewer allergens – for a healthy, comfortable home.

net-zero energy homes elemental green

Save Money

Without energy bills, you’ll save an average of $150,000 over 30 years. Applied toward your mortgage, that’s over $300,000 off the typical home!

net-zero energy homes elemental green


Acre Designs’ compact plans fit the modern lifestyle, and adapt to the changing needs of a family. Perfect for single-family, vacation homes, sub-leasing or shared quarters.

net-zero energy homes elemental green

Visit Acre Designs for more information about their net-zero energy homes.