Solar solutions for all

The founders of Anapode Solar founded the company because they believe that solar is the only real way individuals can take control of their own energy. After all, the sun shines on everyone! They realized that nobody was providing a serious residential solar solution for the do-it-yourself-er — something a handy homeowner or general contractor could install easily, quickly, and safely.

Today, Anapode provides turn-key plug and play solutions that are so simple, you and a friend can install it in one weekend using the detailed instructions and supplemental videos. If you have any questions along the way, Anapode is there with full-on customer support. Anapode kits ship for free. Make the decision to go solar today – Anapode knows you won’t regret it.

Why Buy Anapode Plug & Play Solar Kits?

  • Save Money – Anapode’s kits can be installed by any homeowner, so the cost is less than half that of a system installed by “professionals” and result in 8-12% ROI and a 6-10 yr payback period.
  • Complete Kits – The kits contain everything you need and detailed instructions.  Don’t buy a pile of parts, buy a complete engineered kit.
  • Easy to Install – You and a friend can easily install an Anapode kit in a weekend. Detailed instructions and videos take you through the entire process.
  • Quality Components – Kits contain only industry leading components with long warranties backed by serious companies. Anapode saves you money by designing an easy-to-install kit, not by using inferior parts.
  • Complete Support – Have a question? Anapode answers the phone and your questions.

Solar Calculator

Anapode offers a customized solar calculator to help you better understand your solar needs and options. Simply enter your average monthly power cost and usage (found on electricity bills), your location, and the percent of your usage which you’d like to offset, and Anapode will provide you with a detailed report to illustrate how much money going solar can save you in the long run!

Solar power on a budget

About half the cost of a solar system is the installation cost. According to Anapode, the companies that install solar are overcharging for what can really be a pretty simple installation.  They can do this because 1. Homeowners don’t understand it and think it’s very difficult to do and 2. Because homeowners don’t want to go on their roof to install panels or work with electricity, or are worried they will damage expensive equipment if they try it themselves. Anapode’s system simplifies the installation to the point a handy homeowner can do it themselves or hire a roofer, contractor or electrician to do it at a tenth the labor cost of other solar options.

Why Anapode doesn’t offer off-grid systems

If you are seeking an off-grid system or backup power system, Anapode is probably not the company for you.  Adding charge controllers and batteries to a solar system multiples the cost by three or four times and greatly increases the complexity of the system.  Also, an off-grid system is not homeowner installable because it is more complex.  Anapode sells solar as a financially sound investment, so doubling the cost and making it difficult to install yourself goes against their vision.

Visit Anapode Solar for more information about their plug-and-play solar kits.