A neglected, deteriorating infrastructure has the potential to put millions of Americans at risk of exposure to contaminated water systems that can have detrimental impacts on their health. Flint Michigan, where AquaOx is currently in use, is just the tip of the iceberg. Other water system challenges have sprung up in Oakland, California, Houston, Texas and many other cities.

Without the dedication of billions of dollars by the federal government to address these issues, more families are taking initiative to protect themselves with a whole home water filtration system that eliminates exposure to the known human health risks that can bypass municipal treatment facilities or infiltrate the system after treatment.

“It’s no secret that water, which constitutes 75 percent of our bodies, is essential to our health and well-being,” said Michael Corcoran, president of AquaOx water filter system. “And yet clean, safe water is one of the things that people take for granted and pay the least attention to.”

Corroding Infrastructure a Widespread Issue

Congress banned the further use of lead pipes more than 30 years ago, yet a lack of oversight and accountability has allowed these aging systems to corrode and deteriorate, exposing more and more people to potential health problems.

The water infrastructure in the United States is quickly becoming antiquated and a dangerous health hazard. More than one-quarter of all water mains in the U.S. are more than 50 years old. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Water Companies have declared that nearly half of all water pipes in the United States are in poor or inadequate shape.

And it’s not just lead that poses a threat; other potentially harmful contaminants lack proper evaluation or regulation. One in ten homes gets drinking water from a well, which is not subjected to any regulations or mandated testing. The chemicals and minerals in our drinking water come from a variety of sources. Some chemicals like chlorine are added to municipal water to kill bacteria as part of the treatment process; others, such as arsenic, radon and uranium, can be naturally occurring; and land-use practices, sewer overflows and other manufacturing processes can also contribute additional levels of harmful chemicals that pose human health risks.

Inadequate Testing

Testing by the Environmental Protection Agency is limited to small samples sizes – often only 50 or 100 homes in large municipal water systems – and intervals between testing can be as long as three years. Even when harmful contaminants are detected, elected officials can be slow to react.

“The infrastructure crisis, combined with a lack of oversight and action, is going unchecked and has the potential to expose more people to deadly health risks,” Corcoran said. “Whole house filtration is more critical than ever for everyone in our communities – families, schools, and business – and a small investment now can provide life-saving returns for years.”

Consumer Confidence Reports, the annual drinking water quality reports commissioned by the EPA, are issued by July 1 and state where consumers’ water comes from as well as, more importantly, what’s in it. The Centers for Disease Control has determined that the presence of certain contaminants in drinking water can cause a variety of health issues for all people, with infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with compromised immune systems at particularly high risk.

Water from a trusted municipal source can still be exposed to contaminants by the time it reaches a faucet. That’s why more people are recognizing that whole home water filtration systems like AquaOx can provide their families and businesses with the protection they can’t find anywhere else.

Healthier Water, Healthier Home

Contaminated water isn’t just bad to drink and cook with – peoples’ health and wellbeing are also impacted when they absorb chemically altered water by bathing or simply coming into contact with it.

“Many people recognize and enjoy the benefits and convenience of having filtered drinking water in their refrigerator or at one sink,” Corcoran said. “And those benefits are multiplied exponentially when all of the water coming into your house is filtered of harmful chemicals that we and our pets would otherwise drink, breathe and absorb.”

Americans spend in the neighborhood of $14 billion a year on bottled water – more than $100 per person, per year – meaning an AquaOx filtration system more than pays for itself for a family of four well within its industry-leading warranty period.

A whole house water filtration system like AquaOx can provide additional advantages beyond, healthier, better tasting drinking water, including:

  • Healthier showers and baths that are also scale-free: skin feels softer, refreshed and renewed
  • Extended life of expensive household appliances that use water, such as washing machines that clean clothes brighter, dishwashers that leave spot-free dishes, and cleaner water heaters, pipes, faucets and toilets that require less maintenance when they use filtered water

“Without significant and costly upgrades to our water infrastructure in this country, more people risk exposure to a long list of contaminants that will make them extremely sick in a short amount of time,” Corcoran said. “It’s a critical time to ensure that we provide our families with the clean, safe water they need to live healthy lives, and a whole house water filtration system is a quick fix to a problem that isn’t being addressed otherwise.”


About AquaOx

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