This former 1940’s one and a half story Cape Cod house was transformed into a high-performance, sustainably-designed, modern home that uses 50% less energy than code and over 40% less energy than its predecessor – even at nearly twice the size.




Located in Saint Paul, this home is part of a vibrant neighborhood, with schools, shopping, entertainment, churches, library, parks and the river all within easy, car-free walking distances.




Features of this super sustainable home include:

Super Insulation, Triple Glazed, Low-e, Argon Windows; Energy Efficiency galore; Passive and Active Solar Energy Systems; Passive Cooling and Daylighting Techniques; Heat Recovery; Dual flush toilets and Low-flow plumbing fixtures; Locally Sourced, FSC wood, Salvaged, Recycled, Durable and Low VOC Materials; Green Roofs; Rain Gardens; Rainwater harvesting; Native Plantings for supreme stormwater management.

All of this is achieved while maintaining a simple, sexy, comfortably modern design aesthetic at a cost of less than $140/sf.

If you are interested in learning more about the design and construction process for this project, check out the project blog. It hasn’t been maintained or updated since the project ended, but you’ll get the idea.

Click through to see more photos and to learn more about EcoDEEP and their work.

All photos by Gilbertson Photography