Building Biology: The Lifestream Backyard Cottage

Building Biology: The Lifestream Backyard Cottage

The Lifestream Backyard Cottage was designed and built to demonstrate healthy, innovative construction techniques and strategies for a more sustainable lifestyle. Built based on the principles of Building Biology, or Baubiologie, as it was developed in Germany, this home addresses many common concerns in standard building practice – especially those in relation to the health and wellbeing of the occupants.

By being built to standards that can appeal to those afflicted with chemical sensitivities, electromagnetic sensitivities, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), and other environmentally exacerbated diseases, Lifestream Solutions hopes to demonstrate an accessible sustainable building system for anyone to enjoy as a part of a healthy, preventative lifestyle that meets current codes while pushing the industry to enhance the code for healthy building practices.


Some of the Unique Features Include:

  • Shielded Wiring – to mitigate electro-magnetic frequency radiation.
  • Fiberglass Rebar – to avoid a web of metal in the foundations which causes distortions in the Earth’s natural magnetic frequency.
  • Double Wall Framing – for energy efficiency and ability to control and regulate the interior air temperature and quality.
  • Non-Toxic Materials – avoiding any formaldehyde or other toxins that off-gas.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator – removing old air and replenishing new air minimizing heat loss.
  • Magnesium Oxide Board Siding – mold/mildew/fire/rot/pest resistant.
  • Integrative Adaptable Systems Design – for solar panels, solar hot water heater, rainwater collection, etc.
  • Edible Landscape – for productive use of yard and connection to the earth.
  • Natural Lighting – to reduce electrical demand and promote well-being.


This project has been an adventure in innovation and execution with the ambitious goal to demonstrably raise the bar towards mindful construction in consideration of health, community, and our built environment. The Lifestream Cottage is Lifestream Solutions’ flagship project as a daring demonstration model, compelling conversation starter, and industry game changer. The integrative design/build process has allowed for a holistic philosophy to achieve manifestation as a living structure.


Learn more about this project at NW Green Home Tour and learn more about the builders at Lifestream Solutions.


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