Water is precious. Space is too. Rainwater HOG tanks have an unrivaled slim fit (only 9.5 inches deep), sleek design, and a unique form that works in modules, horizontally or vertically. Robust wall strength and food-grade plastic means efficient potable water storage, as an emergency water container, or for rainwater reuse.  Rainwater HOG water tanks are installed throughout the USA.  In California, HOG water tanks provide long-lasting rainwater storage, grey water storage and emergency water storage for schools, homes, and businesses.  In New York, HOG water tanks are used for rooftop garden rainwater irrigation, and on apartment buildings and community gardens.  Find HOGs storing rainwater in parks, businesses and homes across the USA as well as in Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, France, the UK and throughout Central and South America.

rainwater hog water storage tank on elemental green

A 50-Gallon (180-litre) modular food-grade tank that connects vertically or horizontally (like a water-filled building block) to store any volume of water.  HOG has screw-together fittings, a 1/4-inch (25mm) BPA-free plastic wall,  and is designed to Australian Standards for a design life of 20-years or more.  HOG has won five international awards for its innovative design & function.

rainwater hog water storage tank on elemental green

The benefits of and how to use Rainwater Hog water harvesting tanks:



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