Cargotecture Recycled Shipping Container Homes

Cargotecture Recycled Shipping Container Homes

Cargotecture is a building system using recycled ISO shipping containers. These are relocatable, durable, securable, overtly sustainable, and emotionally visceral structures. Kit versions for DIY are available.


What makes Cargotecture recycled shipping container homes more eco-friendly?

  • Recycled ISO cargo container (new paint)
  • Soy-based spray foam insulation
  • Aluminum clad wood windows and doors (one 10’ long opening and one side door)
  • Bamboo finish floor
  • Panelized wet room bath with redwood decking.
  • Duravit bath fixtures
  • IKEA cabinets and kitchen fixtures and lighting


Deep green and “off-the-grid” options: 

  • Natural gas or propane appliances, water heater and furnace.
  • Solar panels and inverter.
  • Composting toilets or “green machine” sewage treatment.
  • Roofwater harvesting and reuse.

Why choose Cargotecture? They say:

These special homes and offices are sustainable, smart, modern, and are durable enough to last several generations – not to mention just plain COOL! They are relocatable (including their foundations).  The off-grid upgrade means that these can move from season to season such as a fish camp or surf shack.  They can be secured against intruders and storms. They are nostalgic for their globetrotting history.  Lastly, they travel easily on typical trucks, ships, and trains. This is a unique luxury retreat which can be a transferable asset for many generations.

Learn more at Cargotecture.



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10 Eco Building Materials Revolutionizing Home Construction

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SunPower leads the way in sustainability, having garnered more than 1,000 patents for solar innovation and bringing long-lasting clean energy to the masses. With over 35 years experience, their Maxeon solar cell and SunVault battery team up to create an efficient and resilient energy solution.

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