As the first tile manufacturer in Tennessee (est. 1986), Crossville is one of the leading American manufacturers of beautiful, sustainable solutions that advance the frontiers of tile design.

From introducing the nation’s first large-format porcelain tiles, to becoming the first and only net consumer of tile waste materials (meaning they recycle even more than they produce), to developing cutting-edge performance innovations that turn mere surfaces into “breathing” living environments—Crossville is committed to pioneering products and practices that change the way the world views tile.

Becoming the world’s first certified tile waste recycler

In 2011, Crossville® became the first manufacturer to achieve certification of its tile waste recycling programs through Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), an independent, third-party leader in verifying sustainability claims.

Recycling millions of pounds
of fired tile every year

With the establishment of their Tile Take-Back Program®, Crossville® solved the biggest environmental problem facing today’s tile industry: how to recycle fired porcelain tile.

Green has always been their signature color

Before it was called ‘sustainability,’ responsibility was at the heart of Crossville’s business philosophy. As a proudly American manufacturer, they see reducing negative impacts on natural resources, and increasing the positive effects their products and people have on the world around them, as two sides of the same beautiful solution.

From their progressive manufacturing practices, to their award-winning green tile innovations, to their commitment to improving the everyday experiences of their employees, customers, and partners, Crossville is one of the industry’s leaders in sustainability.

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