Dacor’s Heritage™ Collection features built-in camera, auto-open doors, and best-in-class storage.

Dacor® moves to the forefront of the ultra-premium kitchen appliances category with the debut of its all-new Heritage™ Column Refrigeration Collection of refrigerators and freezers. The ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators in the collection have received the prestigious 2017 E-Star Emerging Technology Award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for utilizing environmentally safer refrigerant, and each model showcases industry-leading features including best-in-class storage capacity and an exclusive auto-open door that requires only a light touch to operate.

“This unmatched column refrigeration collection is modern, technologically advanced, and gives customers what they need in terms of flexibility and convenience,” said Dacor President and CEO Chuck Huebner. “The auto-open door provides virtually hands-free access, and each refrigerator includes a built-in camera that enables owners to monitor their groceries on the Dacor iQ Kitchen™ mobile application.”

Dacor Heritage EPA award winning luxury refrigerators on elemental green

With the largest capacity in the market at each column width, the units include an elegantly styled, all-stainless steel interior with three-sided tunnel LED lighting. The refrigerators also offer View Inside technology that uses a built-in door camera to provide users with an interior snapshot every time the doors close, making it easy to see exactly which items are inside and simplify the grocery shopping experience.

Primary among the Heritage Collection’s technological achievements is its innovative refrigerant system, which uses R600a, a naturally occurring refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential. The system meets demanding EPA performance criteria and allows the columns to preserve freshness without harmful environmental effects. The units’ Precise Cooling technology maintains consistent internal temperatures, while a Flex Zone space adjusts temperatures for item-specific food storage needs.

“The Heritage Column Refrigeration Collection provides homeowners with a completely different experience than any product in the ultra-premium kitchen appliance category,” said Dacor Vice President of Products David Nichols. “With exclusive features such as a hidden LED touch panel, unparalleled temperature control and more, Dacor’s new built-in column refrigerators and freezers will be the perfect addition to the home of anyone who enjoys hosting gatherings, large or small.”

Those who frequently entertain guests at home will appreciate the Heritage column freezer’s unique, dual setting ice maker which produces two types of ice: standard ice and cocktail ice. Cocktail ice cubes are clearer and have a higher density that allows them to last longer, making them perfectly suited for craft cocktails and other creative uses. The column freezers include separate bins for storing ice, allowing users to access the ice to match their beverage of choice and entertaining needs.

Built-in column refrigeration products from the Heritage Collection will be available for purchase in stainless and panel-ready configurations in February 2017. Heritage column refrigerators may be ordered in three sizes—24, 30 and 36 inches. Heritage column freezers are available in four sizes—18, 24, 30 and 36 inches. To learn more about Dacor and its selection of ultra-premium kitchen appliances, visit www.dacor.com.

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