Earth Block is not brick. It is not adobe. It’s better.

Using timeless technology to convert earth into structure, Earth Block brings the simplicity of the earth’s natural offerings together with science and high standards in efficiency and durability.

Taking advantage of a lifetime of experience working with, and perfecting the science behind compressed earth construction, Earth Block’s team has traveled the world, building durable, cost-effective and visually stunning earth structures.

Today, they are proud to offer their technology and expertise to select, premium home, structure, and perimeter-wall builders in North America.

Whether you are looking to build an Earth Block home for yourself, or you’re an environmentally conscious green builder looking to build the most durable, cost effective and efficient homes on earth, check out Earth Block.



What are Earth Blocks?

Earth Blocks, or compressed earth blocks (CEBs), are machine-made adobes, a modern variation on an ancient building material. There are many earth block press machines on the market that produce a variety of sizes, shapes, and rates of production.

The blocks are typically composed of soil with high clay content, sand, and lime or portland cement as stabilizers. The stabilizers enable the blocks to maintain their structural integrity when wet. The percentage of each ingredient will vary from region to region depending on soil composition.

How does Earth Block construction compare to conventional building techniques?

An earth block building is not only healthy for the individual, but also for the planet. Soil, earth block’s primary ingredient, is a renewable, non-toxic, natural resource. Earth block walls are breathable, soundproof, bug-proof, fireproof, and even bulletproof! Requiring less transportation of materials than conventional construction methods, earth blocks have a lower embodied energy than conventional building materials. Energy savings are immediate with thermal mass equating to lowered heating and cooling requirements. Earth block buildings can last for centuries. Ancient earthen structures stand today in many parts of the world. The average expected life span of a wood frame building is about 70 years.


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