Earthsake was the very first retailer of natural fiber organic mattresses & bedding – made & grown in the USA. Since 1990, Earthsake offers some the finest in natural organic bedding you can buy. They have mattresses handcrafted from local PureGrow wool and organic cotton along with all natural bedframes and organic linens. Earthsake Organic Mattresses, pillows, toppers & comforters contain layers of organic or PureGrow wool and organic cotton inside soft organic cotton covers. The organic cotton fill has no pesticides, and their organic and PureGrow wool fill is naturally fire retardant – so Earthsake Organic Mattresses and bedding do not contain chemical fire-retardants.

Earthsake Organic Mattresses are made in the USA with local PureGrow wool or organic wool & organic cotton and can be made with a traditional innerspring core or using all-natural botanical latex (not a blend of natural & synthetic). Their mattresses are healthier for everyone in your family including the youngest to those experiencing menopause. No off-gassing of toxic chemicals so you can sleep healthier. This is true of their many bedding products like their mattress pads, comforters, and pillows. You’ll find these and more in the Earthsake Natural Bedroom.

At Earthsake, they’re dedicated to helping you achieve a state of owell-being and a world of natural comforts. Their vision encompasses both maximum comfort and sound health. They carry all natural organic mattresses, chemical free bedding and mattresses, all natural beds and bedframes, natural organic luxury bed linens, PureGrow Wool filled comforters and pillows, all natural latex mattresses and toppers, and much more. They expand their natural comforts to all areas of your home with all natural bathroom products, furniture and home furnishings.

With The Earthsake Natural Bedroom, by reaping the numerous benefits of Sonoma PureGrow Wool™, Organic Cotton, and All Natural Latex, you’ll experience deeper, more satisfying sleep than ever before. And with their all natural cribs, crib mattresses, clothing, and all natural baby bedding for your newborn and all natural kids bed, mattresses and bedding for your children , you’ll sleep well knowing you’ve surrounded your entire family with all-natural, chemical-free materials. Earthsake is your source for the all natural bedroom, the all natural bathroom, the all natural home…. the all natural you.


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