EcoStucco® is a colorful range of architectural lime plasters designed to enhance and protect buildings of all shapes and sizes, both inside and out, with proven longevity. The inherent quality of lime makes EcoStucco® products nicely workable, permeable to water vapor and impermeable to rainwater, incredibly durable, and esthetically pleasing. EcoStucco® products are also a healthier alternative to conventional coatings for interiors. Thanks to a minimal, yet expert preparation, EcoStucco® has been a reliable source for truly mineral finishes and colors since 1785.

Lime Plaster for Wall & Facade Treatment

What was an ordinary construction material until a hundred years ago is emerging as a natural choice in light of environmental challenges. The need to build millions of homes in the future can only be sustained with ecologically sound materials and construction practices. The inherent quality of lime and the way it can be incorporated into a building lead to immediate savings in carbon emissions.

High-Performance Products

UNILIME (55 lb. bag): UNILIME is a lime-based plaster specifically formulated to provide a true mechanical key for mineral finishes over a wide array of substrates – well suited for the renovation of existing walls and facades.  UNILIME is may also be chosen a stone finish emulating the textures of  LIMESTONE and TRAVERTINE,  providing a cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to conventional coating products.

DECOLIME  (55 lb. bag): DECOLIME is a true stone finish essentially composed of hydrated lime, specific hydraulic binders, and fine aggregates – all factory-pre-mixed. In one, two, or three coats, it may be trowel or machine applied over most interior and exterior substrates, new or in need of renovation. DECOLIME is preferred to achieve smooth, matte finish – FOSSIL type.  The material is greatly appreciated for its ease of application, and its resilience to abuse once in place and cured.

MURALIME  (22 lb. box): MURALIME is a true stone finish essentially composed of fat lime of superior quality and very fine aggregates. Versatile, it may be trowel applied in one or two coats or it may be brush applied in accordance with lime washing techniques. MURALIME allows for a wide spectrum of finishing options including the MARBLE type. Whatever the finish, this product is appreciated for its sheer smoothness and its natural and subtle movements.

Textures & Colors

The EcoStuccotm color palette consists of 216 standard tones – all made with natural mineral pigments to give interior and exterior finishes vivid colors and timeless elegance. Custom colors are also available upon request. Whatever your inspiration, their color technicians will provide accurate color matches in a timely manner.


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